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    Just got the Denali back...

    Working my ass off. New projects too. Mostly guns, work, whiskey for the past year or so.
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    Just got the Denali back...
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    Convert 4wd to 2wd

    I like my awd :beer:
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    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Passed emissions (no more long tubes) and finally got tags. I missed my heated seats. Time to clear bra the hood, tint the windshield, and sell it in a few months.
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    Just got the Denali back...

    Thanks guys, been working my ass off and still haven't emissioned the thing. Last payment is next month! I finally got a temp plate so I will pull her out of the garage for a much needed wash today.
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    Will 37's fit

    They'll fit depending on wheel and offset. The 2500 trucks sit a tad higher lifted, which kit are you running? I've done 37s on a few 2500s.
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    2010 Yukon Denali leveled on 22s and 33s

    I think I used a pro comp 2.25" strut spacer or the daystar poly kit. Long ass story but the wheels are now on my friend's esky with black inserts and it looks 10x better than the chrome shit. He is doing trail grapplers when it is due for tires next time.
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    Just got the Denali back...

    Thanks guys. I might throw a magnacharger on it here shortly or sell it and build something more mountain friendly. Tires are 285/40/22 nitto 420S. I think it needs the amber in the headlight cleared, clear bumper lights, and another 1" of drop but it may be time for something fresh now that...
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    Just got the Denali back...

    Yup. Crashed it so it got paint, hd hood, and I finally got the rear mud flap appliques.
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    Just got the Denali back...

    Turned out really nice. Better pics to come.
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    TB air bypass plug and egr delete?

    What do you mean by tb bypass? The coolant lines in the lower part of the tb? I just used a simple vacuum line male to male connector (think the line was 1/4" iirc) and the tb is much easier to clean and doesn't build up nastiness as quickly. Regarding the egr delete: I installed longtube...
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    Your Vehicles as they sit now....

    Thanks dude, she is getting some body work repainting pretty much everything except the roof. Rear bumper had a crack from some jackass hitting the corner awhile back so I'm having that refinished as well. I wanted to delete the trailer hookup and spare tire hole but I kinda ran out of time. I...
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    2011 Tahoe 2/3ish 24" KMC Surge + Nitto 420S

    He's keeping them for winter. I put another set of orotek tpms sensors in the new wheels so he can swap back and forth.
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    2011 Tahoe 2/3ish 24" KMC Surge + Nitto 420S

    Ya, customer's truck. I got him from no drop, to slight rear, to 2/3.5 once settled. I think he'll wanna go lower and add an esky rack along with darker tint. Talking about a maggy now too :D
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    2011 Tahoe 2/3ish 24" KMC Surge + Nitto 420S

    Stills needs a few other mods but I'm pretty stoked about how well it turned out so being so simple. No rubbing up front with the +30mm wheels and minimal rubbage out back, we flipped the shock bolts around just in case though. Before: After: Belltech 2509 Spindles...
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    Few pics from today...

    Lookin' good homie :cheers:
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    DROP KITS.....To many choices. Which kit do you have?????

    Listen to Tony. I've had 11 sets of coils on my truck and have gone back and forth so many times I can't fucking remember haha.
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    Ball joints and drop kits

    +1 on that belltech 2/4 kit. I love the ride of that system on nbs and the nnbs trucks, did two last week actually. You'll love the ride quality and Tony is practically giving the kit away for that price. Just the spindles are around $50 to ship.
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    You guys know how I ride... (Z71 Bumpstops inside)

    Shit keeps falling apart lately but it's my dd for the most part.
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    You guys know how I ride... (Z71 Bumpstops inside)

    Mine is getting a paintjob right now! Fuck :(
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    Really need help lifting my Tahoe

    I really like the 6" pro comp kit, rides nice and you can crank it up to an 8" pretty easily or down to a 4" if you wanna run 33s.

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