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  1. carbed87

    NNBS owners, help me decide (nbs Sierra denali or NNBS esky ext)

    So i have had my Denali for a while, love it, have the title...great truck, But i have been wanting an escalade ext for a while now. Found a blk/blk 07 in good condition with 91k for 19000. My question is; how do you long term owners like them? Im sure a lot of you have come from the NBS...
  2. carbed87

    07/08 escalade ext...are they even worth considering?

    to make a long story short I've wanted a nnbs EXT for a long time. I have a great truck now (really clean 05 sierra denali crew cab) but i like the utility of the escalade ext. I actually bought one in late feb (black 07), had it two days, then took it back and got refunded because it was...
  3. carbed87

    Quick question for my avalanche guys

    Does the rear bulkhead fold down separately from the seats? Is there anything Avalanche specific that is attached to the rear seats? I ask this because i am thinking of getting an 07 esky ext and plan on swapping to rear captain seats eventually (out of an 07+ suburban). I have a NBS sierra...
  4. carbed87

    has anyone made denali heated REAR seats work in their (non denali) truck?

    So I ended up with rear captains from an 03+ Denali to put in my 05 GMC. I remembered after buying them that Denali's have rear seat heaters....looked under the ones I bought and confirmed this with the wire pigtail coming out. So fast forward to this weekend, I ended up getting hold of an 03+...
  5. carbed87

    denali center console trim - whats the deal?

    I was really hoping to be able to do it in like a brushed titanium style vinyl but the dash bezel would be ridiculous to do with all it's contours. maybe hydrodip??
  6. carbed87

    help me decide!! higher milage escalade, or creampuff yukon SLT

    Chase maybe im just weird but since the overwhelming majority of my vehicles have been black, I just think of the upkeep for them as the standard. Anything other than black (like my white 04 Tahoe) is just a bonus in easy car care. As for care I have found that Adams visco-clay, some FG400...
  7. carbed87

    help me decide!! higher milage escalade, or creampuff yukon SLT

    Skidmark you have a very good point, In fact im glad you re-affirmed it because I told the guy with the Yukon we would graciously pass. As for the escalade, I was told it has new front struts, and motor mounts so that handles almost every situation. Funny thing is I started tallying up taxes...
  8. carbed87

    help me decide!! higher milage escalade, or creampuff yukon SLT

    Ya I had my own little detailing gig for about 3 years. Somehow I still end up with black lol. If I had to choose I'd go quicksilver on black, that's a good setup. So let me get this straight, the 6.2's DO NOT have AFM??
  9. carbed87

    help me decide!! higher milage escalade, or creampuff yukon SLT

    Well I love the escalade looks and drive a black nbs crew Sierra Denali so I'm familiar with care. I would love driving the escalade because the interior is that much more special. With that said, the Yukon felt tighter, and the drivetrain combo would yield less problems since it's not AWD...
  10. carbed87

    help me decide!! higher milage escalade, or creampuff yukon SLT

    This one did make a little bit of valve train noise, where the 6.2 in the caddy was dead silent.
  11. carbed87

    help me decide!! higher milage escalade, or creampuff yukon SLT

    What kind of stuff can you do for the active fuel management. I didn't really know that that is an issue is it like the Pontiac G8 where the lifters can fail
  12. carbed87

    Scratches on "Wood" Interior

    polish it like you would the outside of a car. If you don't have any polishing equipment just buy one of those powerballs for your headlights and hook it on to the end of the drill.
  13. carbed87

    help me decide!! higher milage escalade, or creampuff yukon SLT

    I will be doing a 3/5 or 4/6 on whichever I buy. Looking for first hand opinions. here are the two vehicles im interested in: 08 Yukon SLT fully loaded (literally) 60k miles, white diamond tri-coat with tan interior (im not crazy about that...would like black) 07 Escalade again, fully loaded...
  14. carbed87

    lowering my Limited

    badass tricky, i just rolled over 200k a few weeks ago.
  15. carbed87

    Stuck in park!?

    sometimes i have to go up from park and turn the wheel a little bit, then i can hear a little "click" then it falls into drive no problem...doesn't sound likt it would be a solenoid thing though. maybe a streched shifter cable?
  16. carbed87

    lowering my Limited

    jeez how many limited owners are there now? this is nuts.
  17. carbed87

    2000 Tahoe Limited

    275/45/20 is a good tire on a dropped limited. i cut a coil and a half in the front and did shackles in the rear. cheap but effective. rides pretty bad though
  18. carbed87

    just put 22's on my limited

    Sorry man, sold em
  19. carbed87

    22" Texas truck on OBS Limited Tahoe

    just curious, are you now doing all your wheels in 5 lug or just the TX wheels and in 22?
  20. carbed87

    just put 22's on my limited

    ya norcalSS. you can get them in all black too (pretty sure) and thanks for the compliments
  21. carbed87

    just put 22's on my limited

    i hear ya bro, just thought id ask
  22. carbed87

    just put 22's on my limited

    im glad everyone likes them! now if my factory center caps would show up... hey tahoelimited- ill sell you my 20" torque thrust replicas for cheap (like $650 with tires) the have some peeling on the machined part but would make your truck look really good. heres a pic of my truck with them:
  23. carbed87

    Adam's vs. a Callaway SuperNatural 400

    such a kickass transforrmation! Thats why i love using Adams.
  24. carbed87

    just put 22's on my limited

    not that they ever would, but i wish factory reproductions would make 22" limited wheels. how kickass would that be lol.

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