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    Header Options

    I personally bought the american racing headers long tubes with off road mid pipes. Yes they are pricey but the fit was amazing! Fit like it was factory! They are stainless steel so you dont have to worry about rusting. They have excellent customer service! I actually talked to the owner him...
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    Top 2 Cat-Backs

    Corsa is the best sounding.. Fits amazing easy install. Plus if your worried about the salt getting to it corsa is stainless steel. Yeah it a little bit more than most cat back kits but its well worth it.
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    Finally put the headers on

    My truck is a 2002. I order these straight from American Racing Headers. You can get on their web site and look up your vehicle and see the options they have. Once i figured out what kit part # i wanted i shop around for the cheapest place. I found out by calling them they was the cheapest! The...
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    Finally put the headers on

    These headers are awesome! I love them! I would recommend them to anybody! Fits amazing sound amazing to! I doubt id ever be taking them off to sell the truck though! Thanks Dalton
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    Corsa exhaust tips staining? *PICS*

    I was mad after the first week of having my corsa cat back kit and the tip discolored. But i figured out it shines up still i wasnt mad any more! Its like exhuast fumes build up a layer.
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    Corsa exhaust tips staining? *PICS*

    My corsa tip discolors also.. It turns yellow every week! I just take a mothers power ball and a little bit of mothers chrome or stainless polish and it shines right up in seconds! You can do it by hand if you want takes a few mins but thats it! Takes the yellow look away everytime!
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    American racing headers

    Yes i bought them and installed them!
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    Cat back exhaust???

    I third the corsa performance cat back kit! Amazing sound no inside drone direct bolt in and fits well! I have had it on my esky for 2 years now and love it! In the last 2 month i put some american racing long tubes and no cat on the truck and now it sounds really mean and nasty all the time...
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    Finally put the headers on

    Well i ordered some American Racing Headers Long tube headers and mid pipe a month or two ago. Went with the 1 3/4" primary tubes with 3" collector and no cats used new ARP header bolts to fasten the headers down with. These things are very nice perfect fit, easy to install and look awesome! I...
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    American racing headers

    Anybody running the american racing headers long tubes? Hows the fit on a 4x4 or awd? How good do they hold up after a year or two? What do you guys think of these? Ive already got the corsa cat back kit on the truck! Should i get the 1 3/4 or 1 7/8 primary tube for my LQ9? thanks...
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    welcome! love the dually! always wanted one! can you still tow with yours? nice hoes also
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    Pic of my denali... Opinions wanted

    Color matched grill clear lights no other way! Love your nali, looks good!
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    Calling Texas/Houston Users on 26's Alignment Help

    Just put some smaller wheels on for the allignment thats what we do in OK
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    Dual alternators vs dual batteries?

    2 batterys does no good if your alt cant keep up with the load! And i dont see a need for 2 alts in you case. Id get a high out put alt and go from there
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    Escalade conversion, bolt on?

    That front fender lip/flare doesnt match the rear at all!
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    Black Bear Tune Files

    That is awesome! That pushed me over the fence on it for sure now! Ill be getting a tune shortly after christmas! You do the autocal tune?
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    Black Bear Tune Files

    Do they always give that many tunes? Thats awesome if they do!
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    6.0L long tube y pipe questions

    Any pics of teh y pipe installed now?
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    Engine whine after amp install

    Make sure you have a good clean ground! Take a peice of sand paper and take the paint off where the ground will be touching!
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    OEM Auto-Ride system for NBS-$400

    Will these shocks fit a 2002 escalade ext? Whats the part # on them?
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    Post pics of your avalanche or EXT

    Yours still looks good! Looks super low in the pictures!
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    3.73 gears are in the esky.

    Ive always hear if you want 3.73 get 4.10s cause you will want them after its all said and done!
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    Post pics of your avalanche or EXT

    Spent a few hours cleaning it up today been a month sence last time i wash it. So went out and took a few pictures with the phone found out it has a panorama or what ever its called feature so i tryed it out didnt do to good with it. Is it just me or are the 24's looking small on there?
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    Why is my EXT not Selling?

    Id wait a few more months, or lower the price to 12k maybe.. Good luck with sell either way!

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