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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    Do you have any additional photos, showing it from further back. Looks great, how are the KO3's, ride and noise?
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    Towing 18' aluminum car trailer with diesel 3.0 23 Yukon

    You will be in good shape. I have a 22' Aluminum car hauler. I tow 2 sxs's on it, I estimate the entire setup to be a little over 6K lbs. I also have air-ride/max tow. Zero issues. I have the 6.2, it tows it well, you will know when you are climbing a hill etc, but I always feel very safe.
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    2023 Z-71 Tahoe 6.2 arrived …. OE Tires

    I still need to tint but just haven’t had time.
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    2023 Z-71 Tahoe 6.2 arrived …. OE Tires

    Not sure… that’s 35 psi. May have to go up. I have driven it.
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    2023 Z-71 Tahoe 6.2 arrived …. OE Tires

    Making Progress - still filthy and haven’t driven. Detail tomorrow.
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    2023 Z-71 Tahoe 6.2 arrived …. OE Tires

    I have black 6.2 badges also, I think I’m going to put one on the lower right of lift gate, and maybe that’s all.
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    2023 Z-71 Tahoe 6.2 arrived …. OE Tires

    The wheels are black AT-4 take offs. I ran them for a short time on my wife’s Denali last winter. I think they will look better on the white Tahoe.
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    2023 Z-71 Tahoe 6.2 arrived …. OE Tires

    First mod was getting the red and chrome badges off. Next is tint and I guess I will go ahead and swap wheels and tires and run the BFG’s through winter. I also have ditch/A-pillar lights to install, but the brackets haven’t shown up yet.
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    2023 Z-71 Tahoe 6.2 arrived …. OE Tires

    Hello All- Picked up my 2023 Tahoe yesterday. I have been waiting a few months, but nothing too dramatic. It has all options I believe for a z71 other than rear entertainment. Didn’t want those. 6.2 Luxury pkg Max tow Air ride I also got the Gideon interior which I really like. One...
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    Z71 with Power Running Boards

    Same.... would love to add them.
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    Would trail boss axle half shaft fit Suburban?

    Love the idea. Let us know if it works.
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    2023 RST tire fitment

    305/40r22 or 285/50R22 are your best bets. Toyo/Nitto are going to be options at this point for a more aggressive all terrain. The Bridgestone are bad. I run the stock size Michelin Defenders in summer. They are an awesome tire and far exceed the bridgestones, but if you are looking for mud...
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    Successful Acquisition of 2022 Tahoe Z71

    eBay - just make sure you get the oem one not the junk ones that are just stickers. I ran a piece of painters tape across the bottom of existing emblem. So it would be perfect then marked where it started and stopped. Heated the old emblem with a hair dryer, fishing line and it was off. Then...
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    2023 Wagoneer L build and price up

    We were waiting on our Denali order and my wife decided to swap to a Grand Wagoneer for a few months to try it. My business partners own car dealerships so we are in a unique situation. I ABSOLUTELY was against it. I thought it was ugly and just too much going on inside. They had a 4k...
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    Successful Acquisition of 2022 Tahoe Z71

    Suburban z-71, but I bought the Silverado Midnight Badges. It is a big improvement in my opinion vs the red and chrome.
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    2021 Yukon Denali

    He means 50 not 40
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    AT4 XL - Largest Tires?

    I have a Z71 Suburban with air ride. Stock it has the 20” Goodyears. They rode like a dream. Literally unreal. Then I went to an OEM replica 22” wheel and Michelin Defender in stock size…. Ride isn’t terrible, but big difference. I ride gravel roads a bit in height setting 3. I know...
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    Worth the wait! 2022 Yukon XL Denali

    We have the back lit grill emblem but I like the black look.
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    Worth the wait! 2022 Yukon XL Denali

    Looks awesome. My wife’s is very similar. When you say black emblems? You mean the grille badge?
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    Ditch light brackets for 2021 Tahoe

    I would take either, but specifically I’m talking about the lights that typically mount on your hood bolts and reside near the junction of the hood and the A-pillar.
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    2022 denali surprised my wife

    Sharp! My wife’s is very similar, but doesn’t have the sweet black grill.
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    2022's Heated steering wheel

    Great question.
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    Tahoe/Suburban Premier seat VS Yukon Denali/Denali Ultimate

    My wife has a Denali ultimate - 2021 not the new brown interior. I have a 2022 suburban z71. Seats are the same, her leather is closer to real leather and feels nicer and nicer texture. Same otherwise.
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    Yukon/Suburban Luxury package inconsistencies

    It’s frustrating they limit the Z71 so much. It’s my favorite package. I believe this package has appeal to many people. I like the front end better and adding the air suspension and limited slip from the Denali is awesome… but it’s silly to me no adaptive cruise, ventilated seats or towing...

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