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    Parking Brake Issues

    2004 Tahoe LT. Replaced all rotors, caliper, pads, parking brake shoes last January 2022. Had rotor / drum combo on and off 3 times. To loose. just right, and can't get rotor drum. Backed off to get it on tight. Didn't get it to hold. At 73 years old was worn out. Come Inspection Sticker time...
  2. J

    Parking Brake SNAFU

    The same goes for plumbing under the sink, etc.
  3. J

    Parking Brake SNAFU

    Don't think it's a stupid question. I'm 74 and still do brakes for 3 vehicles. Work on them when I have to. But learned to take a ratchet and the socket, and ito check which way I should be going. Caught myself last winter in a cold garage going the wrong way, Right before the torch, I checked...
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    Parking Brake Issues

    Did all the work but never disconnected the cables. Had my mechanic replace the cables and have to ask if he did it the way you are saying. Lousy design. Getting older and did not want to pull everything apart again. And the screw adjustment on the cable has been changed.
  5. J

    Adjusting the parking brake

    Looking for the adjustor at the actuator. Did all the brakes and calipers. Bakes are great, but Parking Brakes won't adjust.

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