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    HDMI port access 18 Tahoe

    Hey all, Was wondering if anybody can link or share how to access the panel for the rear plug ins in the 2nd row. I would like to route an HDMI and maybe a 12v plug to the inside of my center console so I can contain everything inside there vs hanging off the panel. My dog likes to lean...
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    2018 RSE Volume

    Hey guys, Is there a way to increase the volume of the RSE headphones? My kids keep complaining they cant hear it even with the headphones knob maxed out. Thanks!
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    Recommened shop for lowering kit near Pittsburgh

    Hey guys! I have a 2018 LT (Non magnetic ride) that Im looking to potential lower (nothing extreme just to close to gap some) and wondering if anybody near Pittsburgh can recommend a shop. I previously had the dealers do my other cars, but hoping to save a few bucks on this ride. Thanks!
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    Catch Can

    Report update: DO NOT use garbo heater hose from local chain stores. I was walking by the tahoe while she was running and could hear a vacuum leak, and low and behold, the heater hose I bought from Advanced Auto had pin holes all through it. Waste of 10 bucks. Got some braided fuel line...
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    Catch Can

    Thanks to your help! Here she is modified on her 4th engine!
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    Catch Can

    Thanks DB! At least I know where to look now!
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    Cargo Area

    I also bought a 2018 tahoe and mine is this way too. I removed the 3rd row and storage area and all is well. Sad that I spent the money for the 3rd row, but...
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    Catch Can

    Would anybody be so kind and post a picture their CC setup on the (2018) new 5.3? I'm super new to Chevy motors and looked real quick and it seems my 2018 has 2x vents but I think only one matters just not sure which one. My last motor also had two, but only one caught oil (the intake can was...
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    Best bang for the buck upgrades.... New to Chevy...

    Well, not there yet, but hes 47lbs @ 14weeks. His paws are the size of my palms and Im 230lb 6'1.. :)
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    Ex Canadian 2017 GMC Yukon Denali

    Ima just throw this out there. Im very new to GM/Chevy so I dunno if this even apply's, however, I have owned multiple FCA products and have personnel experience that Canadian vehicles brought to the states warranty is VOID soon as its registered as there is no reciprocity. But Im sure you know...
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    Best bang for the buck upgrades.... New to Chevy...

    Thanks for the tips all! I would def. do a tune, but I want to keep my warranty. That was a huge issue with the Jeep SRT's is most of them were imported from Canada and FCA does not honor the xfer over. Me personally, Not paying 55k+ for a new car with no warranty lol. Ill check out the...
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    Best bang for the buck upgrades.... New to Chevy...

    Hey guys! So Im new to Chevy, always been a Mopar guy, but at the ripe age of 35, I dont find myself wanting to go fast anymore, so I decided to try the tried and true Tahoe (most because we needed the room) Just picked up an 18 Tahoe LT with the RSE, RST?, and Tow package for <56k out the...
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    Thoughts on 2018 Buy Prices?

    I got a 18 LT w/ RST, RSE, tow package, blacked out for 56k out the door with 9 miles. New here btw. ;)

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