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    Budget fuel pump option?

    Pumps seem to go bad when they sit for a year or more. I have to happen at two older vehicles recently.
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    2003 Yukon issues - SOLVED

    I had broken pieces of cat plug it on and off as they shifted causing sputtering at higher rom
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    2003 Yukon won’t accelerate past 3,000rpm and chokes/sputters

    Intake gasket leak equals unmetered air.alsi make sure your intake plastics are in place tight with no cracks .
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    Don't always trust your mechanic, fixed my "blown" engine for $7.

    No woman or man has business owning a 200k mile luxury vehicle unless they have deep pockets or mechanical skills.
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    No pressure in cooling system

    thats probably why a yukon i have filled up with coolant in oil and up out of the intake. thanks gm
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    About that funny shaped intake tube - there's a reason - Performance!

    i see these gm setups on nascar all the time, you know for those hp gains, lol.

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