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  1. STORMIN08

    Is there a 1" or 1.5" or 2" leveling kit for '22 AT4 Yukon with magnetic ride control?

    i see many times, a reference to fender lip height...this can be inaccurate due to some vehicles having differing wheel arches. measure the rocker of the vehicle. most case when LEVEL, the ass droops in appearance, and since most weight is added to rear...slightly higher is better
  2. STORMIN08

    Fender trimming?

    be cautious, less is more. and in most cases, you can trim BEHIND those liners and push them back. this helps maintain the clean finished look of the install. many times, i see beautiful trucks destroyed in initial appearance by a poor done trim...especially how some just hack bumper corners off.
  3. STORMIN08

    3" Ready Lift Leveling Kit on a 2022 GMC Yukon AT4

    i think it looks good at that height, but the tire selection it self can have a huge effect on appearance. i generally try to find a good tread for all purposes (looks, ride and noise), but tend to favor the most aggressive sidewall appearance. that helps give the aggressive looks and makes...
  4. STORMIN08

    Recommendations for Lift for 2023 Z71 Tahoe

    i would imagine, that already exist...i the sense that one could use a SPACER for the coil setup but place it on the bag set up...if they are coilover type and not the shock style. in most cases, when you look at lifts, a 4" start the transition to HARD PARTS being replaced, this relocates...
  5. STORMIN08

    Recommendations for Lift for 2023 Z71 Tahoe

    everyone will jump on the debate on what hinders the parts... personally, the upper ball joint angle is the big factor on these. 1.5" is nothing, and the silverados have the same configuration for the front coils
  6. STORMIN08

    Recommendations for Lift for 2023 Z71 Tahoe

    you need a 1-1.5" level, otherwise the tire will look punnie. if it has air ride, you can adjustable links and get he lift from the bags, but that will firm up the ride depending on amount of lift...more air = stiffer ride
  7. STORMIN08

    Two Tone Yukon Denali

    i have seen several in person, i agree, the body lines don't work as well with the two-tone. the earlier years had much better lines, the newer egg shape just doesn't have it
  8. STORMIN08

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    i would do the thinnest bolt on specer you can get...1" i have seen 1.5 and 2, both protrude more than i would care for. i like to mine to be covered by a STREET FLARE if needed, so no more that about 3/4" out of the fender.
  9. STORMIN08

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up
  10. STORMIN08

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    agreed, i would probably push an after market arm. i have been meaning to ask a family member, but i do believe he is personal friends with the owner ship of Hurst.
  11. STORMIN08

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    as a mall crawler, you wont see teh movement required to NEED to increased angles of the new arms. That said, you stock arm angle will be maxxed out and any reason to NEED travel could result in breaking a ball joint. please, do not drive in y state after completing this idea..EVERYONE ants...
  12. STORMIN08

    Bilstein Adjustable Shocks

    Curious to see what you think of the ride quality. most dont realize how much stiffer the 5100 really is, most dont know to USE them either...they still put over a bump or dip and then complain about how stiff they are.
  13. STORMIN08

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    they do llok good, but in person...the 3.5" with the right W/T combo looks perfect. totally useable in all reagrds, but looks much more sinister. my 17 stood out everywhere with a 2.5" and a 33.5. i cant wait to complete this new one, just looking at wheels now.
  14. STORMIN08

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    No Clutter, all good info. i have a 23 LT with Standard smooth ride...also wanting other features of the Z71, but never use them anyway. i am planning on a 3" lift all around ( 3/2 at least), with a 35. i just plan to black out all the chrome a nd roll with it.
  15. STORMIN08

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    what is your location ? i am looking to pull the trigger very soon on the following... Ready lift 3" lift w/ arms 20x9 or very close to it wheel and tire combo, and tire choice being Toyo AT 3. really like you set up and how it fits the rig...nicely done.
  16. STORMIN08

    Interior-Rear-Storage Box vault/secure box conversion 21-23

    i would do you own or keep looking, the factory one sucks. although much better than the previous years that had sloped covers and dumped all cargo when opening
  17. STORMIN08

    2021 Z71 Tahoe suspension upgrade

    and now, my 23 with smooth ride is cloud like with 20" wheels, where as my 17 had 22"
  18. STORMIN08

    2021 Z71 Tahoe suspension upgrade

    my 17 with smooth ride was just as nice a s my 12 with air... maybe try tire pressure first, the OE has the pressure somewhat high for most applications...they have MPG requirements to meet.
  19. STORMIN08

    Tips for trimming adhesive around brake controller

    if you choose not to remove, a sharp blade at the correct angle will trim it right up. just angle the blade to cut slightly into and behind the trim ring
  20. STORMIN08

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    the weight will be more dependent on style and tire combos...the style and brand make a difference. the ride quality will very noticeable just by adding any sidewall...20 or 18 in that case. that said, a large dia tire on an 18 can feel more squirmy than the same dia on a 20. great rule of...
  21. STORMIN08

    Anyone know about ceramic coatings?

    i dont totally disagree with this, but if you dont know or understand how this works or what it does, you can make the vehicle look worse and make it harder for others to fix. that said, i do believe in coatings for DAILY DRIVERS, not so much for classics or customs as mst people enjoy...
  22. STORMIN08

    Amber DRL Options

    well, that may back burner awhile...not really worth the effort...but for sure would look alot better with an amber glow all the time
  23. STORMIN08

    Amber DRL Options

    Thats why i have asked, i am 99% certain i have seen a couple that have this done. i even tried to turn around a follow one to see what was done. may have to look into repinning or better would be a jumper and diode to achieve this. anyone seen a wiring diagram for these years ?
  24. STORMIN08

    Amber DRL Options

    for a 2022-2023 model year, does anyone know of or have link to a way to have AMBER DRL ??? i know i have seen some like this, but havent found anyone discussing it or having done it
  25. STORMIN08

    Best tuner?

    although a custom tune would be best, i ran the diablo intune3 on y 17 burb...slight adjustments to my likings made it drive how i wanted to. i did no power increases, just shifting and throttle response. i wasnt looking for all out power, and the changes i made allowed me to change at my will...