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  1. Doverpoint

    Headlights look dim on a new Yukon Denali

    2017 Tahoe, and lights are dim. I am going to try and align them downward a bit.
  2. Doverpoint

    2016 Tahoe how to keep screen on when lifted

    Yes, I would like to know how to do this as well. Thinking about installing a small tablet, or phablet in there behind the stock system so that I can natively run Waze, or watch the news, or run any number of apps like Gas Buddy, AroundMe, etc.
  3. Doverpoint

    Installing 2001 Tahoe Sun Visor into 2017 Tahoe

    I am going to try and install my very superior 2001 Tahoe sun visors with the double visor, onto my 2017 Tahoe LT. I will probably have to hack the wiring to get the lights to work correctly. Anyone heard of this being done?
  4. Doverpoint

    Rear seat removed. Loss keyless entry.

    Great mod! Thanks!
  5. Doverpoint

    De-Escaladed & lifted '03

    awesome job! What kind of wheels did you end up with?
  6. Doverpoint

    Fosscore's 2006 Tahoe Build Thread

    How are the painted calipers holding up? Has the heat darkened the paint? I am thinking about painting mine the same color as yours.
  7. Doverpoint

    00-02 Tahoe Yukon Suburban Shale leather seats low miles

    Are these both front seats? They have different seam patterns.
  8. Doverpoint

    Replacement Aftermarket Seats

    I may be interested in buying the seats you are replacing. Let me know.
  9. Doverpoint

    How To:Samsung Galaxy Tab Stereo for Bose trucks

    I like how you removed the batt from the Nexus. Since you have this connected directly to the truck battery, is it always on? Or, do you power it on and off?
  10. Doverpoint

    anyone want a set of running boards

    have you sold the running boards?
  11. Doverpoint

    Audio System Upgrade Thread 04 Tahoe

    I have the same battery going on 5 months now. Excellent battery!
  12. Doverpoint

    How To:Samsung Galaxy Tab Stereo for Bose trucks

    Where are you plugging the microphone into? Also, does anyone know of a write-up on how to use Tasker?
  13. Doverpoint

    Has anyone put an IPAD in the dash??

    Why use Ipad in the dash? I used a cheap samsung 3 - 7" tab instead with an awesome pioneer head unit in by 2001 tahoe, and I like the android app choice better.
  14. Doverpoint

    Need opinions and advice on 2010 Tahoe interior colors

    I have had both tan and gray interiors. I like the tan better because it makes the cabin feel roomier. Gray and even worse, black, make you feel like you are in a dark cave. The advantage of dark colors are that you are not as distracted with the interior and my sensation was that during daytime...
  15. Doverpoint

    I wanna put a iPad in my dash.

    I am using the samsung galaxy tab 3 7" and i find that the apps for android are far more "mobile" friendly that the apple apps. My galaxy tab fit right in where the radio used to be so it is flush mounted, and I installed a single DIN head unit where the tape player used to be in the center console.
  16. Doverpoint

    Aftermarket TPMS

    Tpms Were you ever able to find a TPMS? I am looking for one for a 2001 tahoe.
  17. Doverpoint

    Stereo upgrade x10

    please post pictures of your handy-work when you are done. ---------- Post added at 08:42 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:33 AM ---------- BTW, i like your decision to go with Nexus 7 over the Samsung Tab. The Nexus seems to have better WiFi and 4g LTE sensitivity. Note: not sure of...
  18. Doverpoint

    Questions about galaxy tab install.

    Here is my install on a 2001 tahoe: I am not familiar with the 2000 Yukon, but I think the bezel is the same as mine. I used my dremmel to do a little trimming around the top of the single DIN opening.
  19. Doverpoint

    Indash Samsung Galaxy Tab Stereo DONE!

    I did the same thing with my 2001 tahoe back in 2012: In the picture I was using a jvc head unit. I have since replaced it with a pioneer which had much better hands free phone quality. The white wire on the left plugs...
  20. Doverpoint

    Can we start a 15+ section?

    Nnnbs Maybe the new 2015's could be called N3BS (3 meaning "cubed" or x3), or just 3BS...or 4BS.
  21. Doverpoint

    Plasti dip wheels option A or B?

    i like the little bit of chrome.
  22. Doverpoint

    fiberglass/wood stealth box for an 02 tahoe

    Make one for me? Would you consider making one of these for me? If so, hit me up on private message with pricing. Thanks!
  23. Doverpoint

    How To:Samsung Galaxy Tab Stereo for Bose trucks

    where do you plug the microphone into, or is it Bluetooth? I have a similar setup with my Galaxy tab 2 7" in my NBS, but I use the onboard mic and although it is mounted in the dash like yours (I didn't use the plexiglass), the mic works fine. I Skype on the time with it.

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