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    Axle Ratio/Towing information is difficult to grok. Would love some help with my 2020 Tahoe.

    If you have the tow package or the z71 it will come with 3.42 gears if not it's 3.08. The rpo codes for you Tahoe are on the drivers side door well in a QR code. Scan it and it will be in a comma separated dataset, copy that and paste it into any online RPO reader
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    2020 Suburban LT upgrade to 4:56 gears

    Awesome, thanks for the info. Yeah for the front diff, this looks like its the easiest (and cheapest) route
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    2020 Suburban LT upgrade to 4:56 gears

    It looks like a 2020 Silverado 1500 had 3:73 as an option with the 5.3L / 6 speed. Since the 2020 Suburban is a 5.3L / 6 speed 6L80 and its basically the same frame as a Silverado 1500, a front diff new or used from a 2020 silverado with 3:73 should be pretty much an easy swap out?
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    2020 Suburban LT upgrade to 4:56 gears

    Swap the front diff from what donor truck? Yep, you guys are right and from playing around with calculators and people I've talked to everyone is saying 3:73 or at the very max a 4:10 ratio. The problem I've been finding (and i've called quite a few pros in Vegas and SoCal now) is that no one...
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    2020 Suburban BDS suspension from ZW7 Smooth ride suspension

    The shop ordered the 6" coil over w/ BDS upper control arms kit for my 2020 Chevy Suburban (comes with fox 2.5 Coilovers in the front and fox 2.0 shocks for the rear) My Suburban doesn't have Magneride or Autoride, but I just noticed that in my RPO codes, I have an RPO Code: ZW7 - Chassis...
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    NP0 to NQH 2 Speed Transfer Case Swap

    Do you know the difference between the 5821 vs the 5819?
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    NP0 to NQH 2 Speed Transfer Case Swap

    Was this successful? I have a 2020 Suburban LT and I'm upgrading the ring & pinon and I want to do this at the same time as well. Still kicking myself that I missed the no 4wd low when i purchased it
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    2020 Suburban LT upgrade to 4:56 gears

    I have a 2020 Suburban LT 4wd lifted with 35x12.5/r20 tires. RPO codes say the stock ratio is at 3:08 with stock tires of 265/65/r18 and I'm upgrading the gears and ratio... I'm thinking of upgrading to 4:56 nitro gears, but is this overkill? My math shows it's a little high, but i've read 35s...

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