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    2006 Tahoe Body Mount and Bolt Size

    I wanted to respond to this thread to say I spoke with S&B today about a 12-mount set. I was told they are releasing them in about 3-4 weeks so we will see
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    best aftermarket carpet?

    I used acc black in my suburban the fit was great.
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    Zw7/g65 spring part number

    Thank you I have seen that part number and you confirmed the part number I thought is was but they were discontinued. I appreciate your help also.
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    Zw7/g65 spring part number

    Thank you I appreciate the help I have searching for months trying to find it.
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    Zw7/g65 spring part number

    I have a 04 suburban with the zw7/g65 nivomat shocks. It has 272k and I have replaced the nivomat shocks with new ones and think the springs are worn. I am having trouble figuring out the part number for the OEM springs on the suburban. My springs no longer have the part number on them. Can...

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