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    2010 Yukon Denali Hybrid Suspension (MAGNERIDE)

    I bought mine with 80k. I believe the last owner towed something with it which lead to more wear and tear than the mileage indicated. Decided to replace because I thought the ride was tougher than it should be. Really rough and wasn't rebounding like I thought it should. I went with the...
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    2010 Yukon Denali Hybrid Suspension (MAGNERIDE)

    By proper you mean OE?
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    2010 Yukon Denali Hybrid Suspension (MAGNERIDE)

    I have a 2010 GMC Yukon Denali Hybrid. It has the Magnetic Ride Control Option. Anyone have any suggestions? Looking to replace/upgrade all 4 corners. RPO Codes Z95 CHASSIS PACKAGE MAGNERIDE 6EM COMPONENT FRT LH COMPUTER SEL SUSP (6EM) 7EM COMPONENT FRT RH COMPUTER SEL SUSP (7EM)...
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    2010 Yukon Denali Hybrid Suspension

    Anyone have any experience with this kit?
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    2010 Yukon Denali Hybrid Suspension

    I do have an Air Compressor, I hear it click on. Not sure its doing anything anymore.
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    2010 Yukon Denali Hybrid Suspension

    I did a VIN Decode and it said, confirms the Z95 I think. Suspension Package, Magnetic Ride Control road sensing electronically controlled shock absorbers Suspension, front coil-over-shock with stabilizer bar Suspension, rear multi-link with coil springs Automatic level control, Auto air
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    2010 Yukon Denali Hybrid Suspension

    6EM and 7EM and Z95 is what u see in the RPO code. what does this mean? I want to return to stock. Anyone sell all 4 corners OEM in a kit?
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    2010 Yukon Denali Hybrid Suspension

    Hello, I have a 2010 Yukon Denali Hybrid. About 95000 miles but I think the previous owner did some towing. My ride has gotten progressively rough and I think I need new rear Shocks. Thinking of just replacing all 4. I want to just get a smooth ride. Not planning on off-roading or any major...
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    Maintenance Schedule??

    Can someone tell me or point me in the right direction to the Dealership Maintenance Schedule for my 2010 Yukon Denali Hybrid? Getting conflicting info from the dealership on if its possible to do a "Fuel Injection Service" and a "Transmission Service" TIA
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    HELP! 2010 GMC Yukon Denali Hybrid Error Code

    Hello Everyone, I am getting a P0BBD Error Code "Hybrid batter pack - Voltage variation limit exceeded" or "Hybrid battery pack voltage variation high" depending on which scanner I use. Couple quick notes Engine recently replaced. Vehicle sat a couple months while I was getting engine shipped...
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    Newbie - Stereo Question

    Hello everyone, I just bought a 2010 Hybrid Yukon Denali 82Kmiles. Love it so far, except for the stereo head unit. Wondering if I can replace it without any issue. I noticed there is a Hybrid screen on there. If this has been asked before, please point me in the right direction if...

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