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    F/S: 2019 Chevy Tahoe RTS Callaway SC560

    SOLD Thanks for all the interest and emails
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    F/S: 2019 Chevy Tahoe RTS Callaway SC560

    It was more than the wheel and airbag, custom mats and so on, but truthfully the feel of the leather that was used on the wheel is worth it alone
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    F/S: 2019 Chevy Tahoe RTS Callaway SC560

    Radenso built in Radar and Laser display, the truck has front and rear radar and laser
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    F/S: 2019 Chevy Tahoe RTS Callaway SC560

    Huntingdon Valley, PA Northeast of Phila
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    F/S: 2019 Chevy Tahoe RTS Callaway SC560

    F/S: 2019 Chevy Tahoe RTS Callaway SC560 ****MILES 3737**** Exterior finished in Shadow Gray Metallic Interior Jet Black RST Performance Option RST Edition Option GM Performance Large Front Brake Kit PowerStop Rear Calipers in red Power Sunroof Heads Up Display Engine Block...
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    New member first post. Just purchased 2020 Tahoe premier .. does anyone recommend mid grade or higher octane fuel for a 6.2 liter?

    I use 93, yes the trucks will run on lower octane, if you don't tow or if you live in a flat part of the country, and are not looking for performance you can run regular
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    Remove push start button ?

    My tahoe is at my home in upstate NY, it will be coming back to PA in the next few days I get a pic then
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    Remove push start button ?

    I got a red button and trim ring, from a place called China, on a place called ebay, I didn't even wipe the button down with alcohol because I said to myself "there is NO WAY this will stick and stay there, that was 3 years ago and it's still there, matches my Callaway headrests. Didn't have to...
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    2017 Tahoe/Minor scratches ..

    Had some luck with Dr Color Chip before
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    Tahoe RST Brembo brakes upgrade

    Get some pics, can't wait to see them :)
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    Plasti dip headlight protection

    Had mine clear wrapped when they did the paint, used plastic dip several times but never on the headlights
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    2016 Tahoe ...22inch steel/ smoothies?

    I had 12 Escalade's before getting the callaway tahoe, and yes all of the Escalade's came with 22's from the factory, and they stopped but not very good, and if you added power the standard brakes were simply not good enough. The only reason my callaway stops is because of the big GM front...
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    2016 Tahoe ...22inch steel/ smoothies?

    If you put 22's on without forged wheels you may want to think about bigger front, or all brakes, takes more to stop the larger and heavier wheels and tires
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    Options for blacking out chrome trim on Yukon XL

    I have had things vinyl wrapped and added clear wrap on top, lasted for a few years and did the job
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    Lowering and Towing

    I tow a 26 ft enclosed snowmobile trailer in the winter in deep snow, and yes it plows snow with the front end, but never gets stuck, I have had chains on all 4 wheels several times, gives the supercharger a good workout
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    2019 grill chrome spot corrosion

    Truck driven in the winter where they use brine or liquid salt for snow removal? Seen things like this on other forums where that's what they were upset about
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    How do you guys like the 15-20's?

    I would buy it again
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    NOCO Genius Battery Tender Installed

    Nice setup, unless Callaway uses your 2nd battery tray for plumbing for their supercharger, BUT the supercharger makes a nice place to put the battery tender on and I can still close the hood
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    High Beam LED Fitment

    VLED micro extreme, fit in my 2019 tahoe with no issues, has some other brands these were the brightest and best light pattern, about 3 years without a problem
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    Bose from the factory but….

    My RPO codes where on my drivers door
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    Bose from the factory but….

    Check out JL Audio's replacement for the center console speaker, it's AMAZING
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    2018 Tahoe low beam LEDs?

    Check out VLED Micro Extreme, replaced my Morimoto 2 stroke 2.0 with these, these are like daytime
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    Headlamp upgrade to LED ? '19 GMC Yukon XL

    Pay shipping you can have them, pm me your address and I'll give you my UPS cost, I have the resistors too, but you do not need them, but they're yours too

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