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    2024 Order Guides - On-Line Now

    HOLY ****!!! I was just looking at the fleet ordering guide today and that last line I had highlighted in my previous post is gone!!! XL Denali Duramax Reserve with second row bench, here I come!!!!
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    No Refresh for 2024 Click here and read up on the interior details. No changes, @Tahole . Call your dealer and tell them to get a clue…
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    RST Tahoe allocation

    If you look at the Fleet Order guide, there are no changes listed for the 24’s, aside from a color being dropped and some wheels being added.
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    Strike??? Thoughts, insights, predictions.

    Interesting update: I have been in contact with my Michigan hometown dealer about ordering a 24 Yukon and when I brought it up theyno concerns about the strike as of right now. She said the plant employees building the Yukons is NOT striking right now and production is not affected. I’m hopeful...
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    Air Suspension a must?

    Here is a cut and paste from my original thread about ordering a 2021 Denali: “Regarding the Adaptive air ride suspension, I test drove one with and one without back to back. A few findings: When I first drove the Denali without adaptive air suspension I was concerned that it rode every bit as...
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    New 2023 Yukon Denali

    Is OP a “drive-by poster?”
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    New 2023 Yukon Denali

    Please post up the configs you’re expecting in.
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    2024 Order Guides - On-Line Now

    It’s interesting the way they’re offering packages on the XL Denali with the LM2: you can add lots of the packages but as soon as you switch to second row bench, all are taken away. I originally thought (as posted above) this was a new 2024 thing but when I went to build a 23’, it’s the same...
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    2023 vs 2024 infotainment system Yukon

    The fleet order guide on the 24’ has the same specs as the 23’.
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    2024 Order Guides - On-Line Now

    I really hope you’re right, but see my earlier post which is directly copied from the 24’ order guide. Unless the wording is misleading, I read it as “no combination ‘Denali-Reserve Pacakage-Diesel-2nd Row Bench’ is possible.”
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    Should my 23 Yukon XL badging say Yukon XL on back?

    I just had a 22 loaner and it didn’t say XL anywhere.
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    2024 Order Guides - On-Line Now

    No, you’re thinking Ultimate. The Reserve Package doesn’t require the sliding console: Denali Reserve Package, includes (CWN) Advanced Technology Package content, (C3U) Panoramic power sunroof, (B3L) power-retractable assist steps with perimeter lighting, (RPU) 22" bright machined aluminum...
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    2024 Order Guides - On-Line Now

    I’ll tell you what’s MADDENING: according to the build guide details. you can’t have an XL with the Denali Reserve package, the diesel and the second row bench seat. WTF?!?!?
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    2024 Order Guides - On-Line Now

    Good find! Well that settles it: no real changes AT ALL, including no diesel in the AT4, no new LZ0 and no new colors.
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    Speed limit sign not showing up (have Onstar premium plan)

    Did your Google nav quit working too? I had this happen a few weeks ago and it was software related. I’d click on nav and it would open and act like it was loading up but then crash. It’s after I realized the nav was dead that I realized the speed limit sign was gone too. They did something to...
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    2024 Chevy Tahoe, Suburban To Keep LM2 Duramax Diesel Engine For Now

    This news coming from the same “insider intel” which not even a month ago got the refresh information all wrong? What’s to say GM Authority knows anything accurately? Edit to add: looks like GM Authority was right this time. The 24’ order guide is up and this is a direct screenshot from the...
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    UAW votes for OPTION to strike

    Thread title updated.
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    UAW votes for OPTION to strike

    Uh oh. This isn’t shocking but alarming to production and supply, nonetheless!
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    No Refresh for 2024

    If they’re not doing a refresh, it seems like a long shot for them to refresh the interior but stranger things have happened…
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    No Refresh for 2024

    I’m DYING to know if the LM2 diesel will be replaced by the LZ0. Also right now I just realized the 23’ build configurator won’t allow for a Denali with the Reserve package to be built with second row bench seating. WTF?!?
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    Important Update!

    I received that update too. My Yukon was at the dealership for service and I asked them to run the update: big shock. It failed. They have a tech today working to troubleshoot.
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    Travel Trailer Question

    Great-looking set-up, OP! That’s gotta be the least-busy graphics package I’ve ever seen on a camper. Bravo!!!
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    This is Big News - HP Tuners GM Global B E99 ECM & T93 TCM

    Are those components in our SUV’s? I can’t keep straight all the letter/number combos of ECM’s as well as which belongs to which year…

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