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  1. J

    23 Tahoe RST vs RST performance edition

    We have 22's on a '22 Premier. Best ride ever in 50 years of buying cars.
  2. J

    Started a new job

    I want to see that movie.
  3. J

    i get to post in this group these days :')

    It doesn't account for tailgaters on your bumper when it slams on the brakes.
  4. J

    OTA Update GM N22-238206 HVAC Quirk

    Did you tap the little symbol with the lines under your reverse picture?
  5. J

    Software Update

    OTA update tips
  6. J

    Hard to find a Yukon optioned the way I want nearby, so...

    The Ford dealer I drive for does these deals occasionally. In December 2021 I took a used Navigator 500 miles and brought back an Infiniti. They check out these customers thoroughly before they call me. More often it's a straight delivery with no trade. Sometimes I get paperwork signed and bring...
  7. J

    Software Update

    Got a "third and final chance" message in east Miss. Tuesday. May have interrupted it when we were ready to go. Got another "final chance" message in west Miss. that worked OK with more time. Living on the edge. I'm wondering if the remote start failures are fixed or still laying in wait.
  8. J

    Getting married today

    June will make 51 years. When I first saw her, I was 19 and she was 15 but I didn't know that. This was back when some families didn't have phones so I pulled some strings and got her high school to tell her to call my place of business. She says her mama says too young to date. OK, call when...
  9. J

    Life’s little pleasures

    Sorry about the angle, I was feeling faint.
  10. J

    2023 At4 Yukon coming from 2020 ford explorerr

    I get paid to drive Fords in to service the problems you dealt with. The owners are usually 80 miles away and too busy to bother. The 6.2 Tahoe was my choice and every time I buy premium gas I remember Ford is paying for it.
  11. J

    Chip Retrofit Lawsuit?

    I got a '22 Premier with everything working but the steering wheel doesn't lock and the engine stays cranked at red lights so I'm good.
  12. J

    2022 6.2 Tahoe Black Soot

    Same situation here. Upon cranking, it idles pretty fast so I wait until it's under 1000 RPM before coming out of Park.
  13. J

    Traded in the Burb

    I regularly drive the Ford/Lincoln SUV's and everything else for a little Ford dealer with a thriving business. Much of my car-buying money is made picking up sick Fords 80 miles away. Then I turn around and buy GM.
  14. J

    What's Wrong With Your Yukon/Tahoe Today? ...And How Long Has This Been Happening?

    I think I cleared the cache that same night but even if I did the problem remained. Here's what I did today, not sure what made the difference. Hooked up battery maintainer so I didn't have to run engine. Told Google assistant to play Procol Harum, bar appeared like it was loading. Assistant...
  15. J

    What's Wrong With Your Yukon/Tahoe Today? ...And How Long Has This Been Happening?

    Updated it the same night, didn't help.
  16. J

    What's Wrong With Your Yukon/Tahoe Today? ...And How Long Has This Been Happening?

    After 14 months and 7000 miles the built-in Spotify app stops any song I choose at 10 seconds and won't continue. The Spotify app in my phone does OK over Bluetooth. '22 Tahoe Premier.
  17. J

    Tow Truck Ripped Frame

    I wrote up thousands of traffic accidents before retiring. If I was called to this one, I would have to say that's not a traffic accident.
  18. J

    Headlights look dim on a new Yukon Denali

    I saw overpasses illuminated better than the roadway my '22 Tahoe was on. Brought lights down just a touch, I'm happier, oncoming drivers are happier. My '15 Camaro left the factory even higher. Wife's '18 Colorado was perfect. I go back to dimmer switches on the floor, Javelins, LTD's and Crown...
  19. J

    Rise of the Turd-burban

    Nooj, you have a book or sitcom script lurking inside you. I'm guessing you have other stories to tell.
  20. J

    Auto Hold Brake?

    We showed a used Navigator to a lady who had to have it due to leg problems. She found it on the sticker. Until then I had never heard of it.
  21. J

    2022 Tahoe purchase

    2022 Premier, 4000 miles in eight months, 6.2, no problems. My retirement job at the Ford dealer used to be various tasks and swapping new vehicles around the Southeast when they called. The swapping is down by 99% maybe. Now it's mostly bringing in vehicles for service on electronics...
  22. J

    Fosscore's NNBS new wheel option

    After 50 years, I know how to make her think it's her idea. I think she does the same thing to me.

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