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  1. salisburyv

    What did you do to your NNBS GMT900 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    i challenge every ticket. i win about 80%. i like to recall as much as possible. when you question the radar, you can feel free to point out you have a good detector, do for that fact alone his story doesn't make sense, because if he was anywhere near you , you would've known
  2. salisburyv

    2016 Yukon lifters being replaced what about the VLOM?

    they should've covered the cats as secondary damage due to the lifter malfunction. it was dumping raw unburnt fuel to the cat. that's not your fault. also, what's the emissions warranty on those? they usually mirror the powertrain.
  3. salisburyv

    New to the forum and being a Yukon Owner

    Welcome from Rhode Island. Lots of good info. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Just use the search function first. :Big Laugh:
  4. salisburyv

    2008 Tahoe have power loss to certain parts of vehicle

    sounds like a bad ground
  5. salisburyv

    What did you do to your NNBS GMT900 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    i started yesterday after a fresh car was. I have just the basic steps, which are starting to look more gray than anything else. So i picked up some trim restore from bondo what a difference!!
  6. salisburyv

    What did you do to your NNBS GMT900 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    13545382 and 13545383.
  7. salisburyv

    What did you do to your NNBS GMT900 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    I just did the 4 piston caliper upgrade. not personally, i have a good local shop that doesn't shy away from these types of upgrades. I went with the Element 3 coated rotes and the Akebono ceramic pads. Waiting for 500 miles to bed it all in(according to the mfr). Nevertheless, It stops much...
  8. salisburyv

    Test drove a 2023 Tahoe/Lost front driver side wheel

    only if they file a claim. no claim and it didn't happen.
  9. salisburyv

    New to the Forum and need some help with my 2023 Tahoe

    Welcome from Rhode Island!!
  10. salisburyv

    Best bang for the buck upgrades.... New to Chevy...

    Looks a little like my Cane Corso at that age. he liked to chew and eat things. So, i would def recommend pet insurance. Really. it saved me over $20k over 5 years. when he finally stopped eating things and began to chew the toys we bought. He is never far from me if i'm home lays at my...
  11. salisburyv

    New to Forum AND GMC

    Welcome from Rhode Island!! I have the magnaflow 14" muffler, i also deleted the resonator. can't hear it on the highway at cruising speed. But loud enough when i get on it. I also have the Predator 2 from Diablo sport. i think its a nice setup. But i only have the lowly 5.3..... soon to be...
  12. salisburyv

    2013 Yukon Xl

    ding ding!! @intheburbs is right!! you have a ground problem. i bet 1 or both grounds on the back of the engine to the firewall and frame are bad or broken. i intended to put a big system in the truck , so one of the first things i did was replaced ALL the grounds and cleaned all the...
  13. salisburyv

    2015 Yukon Denali stuck in lockdown

    on/off with the key either 3 times fast or 5 times fast just on/off then immediately start. try that/ sorry just saw its not a key
  14. salisburyv

    Need suggestions - After the mess I have gone through over the past 9 months, what should I ask GMC to do? Vehicle repurchased, new vehicle in shop

    Have them reimburse you for "VOR" vehicle off-road. at least 1 payment, plus the xtra warranty time . seems fair
  15. salisburyv

    Brake Pad Material?

    i had a power stop set up on my sti (minus the calipers) really good stuff. felt such confidence with such an initial bite! miss those brakes...:(
  16. salisburyv

    2017 Silverado wheels losing air on my 2002 Yukon XL

    that blows man... sorry about that. i've had a similar misfortune with recently purchased tires. There are some guerrilla mechanics (and i'm being nice) at the entry of where my work is, its the only entrance. So far, 2 tires with nails or pieces of metal, 1 had a piece of a razor blade. within...
  17. salisburyv

    Brake Pad Material?

    Akebono. they sell em on RA. i have used them on other vehicles in the past. Ceramic. very consistent feel. my .02
  18. salisburyv

    Anyone know what these grounds are for?

    ty for the ground points lay out. you just made my life easier. I owe you a beer. :drunk:
  19. salisburyv

    A few new photos

    Same here!! Lookin sharp!!
  20. salisburyv

    Selling price opinions - premium for major service?

    There ya go. Solid advise. My wife drives a lease, so she can get a new car every 2 years, and were always under the mileage, by a lot. But she loves my Yukon. Way more room, and seats that'll burn your ass I plan on keeping this one for a bit. Never been hit, rides like a cloud. And...
  21. salisburyv

    Just installed a Kenwood 1057XR 10.1 display head unit

    i'm curious how it plays back the hi res audio. do you connect to a DAP, or stream bluetooth? i'll be changing my head unit soon. I've been leaning alpine for obvious reasons, but have always thought kenwood was right up there with them. lmk Thanks nice install btw
  22. salisburyv

    Shim/spacer for 4 piston caliper upgrade

    Hey peeps! I have searched on this site, also a google search. Cant seem to find the spacers needed to center the caliper on the new larger rotor. little help?
  23. salisburyv

    Installing "2021 PPV" style 6-Piston Brembo Front Brakes on a 2007 Yukon Denali

    i need those shims for the 4 piston upgrade kit. i've got all the parts but those. .15" thick 9/16" center ID. 1.11" wide. any help is greatly appreciated.
  24. salisburyv

    2016 Yukon SLT No Power

    does the starter click? stick your head in there and have someone attempt to crank it over. i 2nd the multi meter i got a cheap one on e bay for $19.
  25. salisburyv

    Serious electrical issue on 2021 Z71. Anyone had this?

    that's probably exactly it. the fob communicates with the computers in the truck, so if they're all talking to each other and the battery doesn't get charged from driving.... Viola' when i was a writer, when those types of fobs came out, i used to tell my customers if they garage the car and...

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