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  1. Aaron693

    Belltech 8mm spacer

    How many are you after? I have some left and will be in Vegas at the end of the month.
  2. Aaron693

    Post:All lowered tahoes 4dr and 2dr

    Reviving this thread!!!! I am looking to get away from the stock Limited 16s, step up to a 18...maybe a 20 if i find the right wheel..... what is the max width for a tire we have all fit under the rear? Beltech drop spindles out front with half sacked coils, removed 2 leafs from the rear also...
  3. Aaron693

    Tahoe Limited badging

    Does anyone have a "untouched" Tahoe Limited and would be willing to take some picture and measurements of the badging locations for me? I have new badges to put on and want to get them in the right places. Also, I have seen different set ups on the barn doors..... just TAHOE on the left door...
  4. Aaron693

    Limited door badges

    Unfortunately I need three for my truck, and haven't made it down to pick them up yet
  5. Aaron693

    Limited door badges

    One guy......ONE! On EBAY for $80 US per set(door)..... so of course I bought all 4 he had. Doesn't ship to Canada so they are currently sitting at a friends place in Great Falls Montana. just have to figure out how to get them to me with out spending an arm and a leg. thank you for your help...
  6. Aaron693

    How many have these hidden rear door handle disablers?

    My 13 had a similar but far more rudimentary design. There was a "home built" cable coming out at same side of the door but at top hinge. Hooked to lock mechanism, power lock to lock all, pull cable to unlock that one door. I removed it all when I put door panels and new lock rods in. There is...
  7. Aaron693

    Limited door badges

    F@#*ING SWEET!!!!!!, no dealers in Canada have any idea but i should be able to chase something with these numbers. THANK YOU!
  8. Aaron693

    Limited door badges

    Well a search has yielded me no info. I have searched the weeb high and low and cannot find anywhere that has new old stock, repro or any type of information on replacement badges for my 2000 Tahoe Limited. I am getting the body refinished and want to put the badges back on, I'm in Canada and...
  9. Aaron693

    2013 PPV Rear control arm parts

    I did a quick search but I could not find anything pertaining to replacement bushings (polyurethane preferred) for the rear control arms at all. Anyone have any leads or input?

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