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    Yukon to pickup wrap

    since your d pillars are already black, do the roof from the c pillars back in black.
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    2011 PPV Flash to Pass

    I had that exact problem, replaced multi function switch and solved it.
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    2014 PPV/Hello Everybody :)

    K9 cage and window guards are also available separate, not inexpensive though. It is nice to be able to park in a shady spot and leave the windows open and not have to worry about dog getting out or someone getting in if doggo is not with me. Check with police outfitter websites, they will sell...
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    09 tahoe ssv has no flash to to pass or high beams

    I've had an old ambulance in the past that the wig wag was still functional, the high beams/flash to pass still worked normal. The multi function switch controls both, inexpensive and easy to replace.
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    09 tahoe ssv has no flash to to pass or high beams

    probably the multi function switch, easy to replace. My flash to pass didn't work, but the high beams did, replaced switch fixed the problem.
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    18" Replacement Wheels Suggestions

    toyota hub is larger and lug holes are smaller on a set I acquired for free.
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    Shaking above 65+

    check engine and transmission mounts, if worn they can allow misalignment in the driveline
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    Receiver hitch

    check local junk yards or body shops, I got mine off of a totaled one at a body shop. Only $75 installed while they were repainting the tahoe.
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    Vibration issue

    check engine and transmission mounts as well, drive line shifting will cause that as well.
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    What can cause a hot AC on an auction vehicle?

    could be the controller, try cycling the temp all the way to hot and then back to cold. Mine will sometimes go to full hot if I use it at anything other than full cold. My local police chief/K9 have had the same problem with his Tahoe.
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    Isn't the Goodyear tire the best option for a PPV?

    put your curser over the ? after service description and it will tell your the load data and speed rating. The BFG tire is available in H and V, so pay attention if you order them. I have been running the Hankooks for about 2 years and they have been holding up well in all weather so far.
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    New here. Michigan. 2009 Tahoe SSV

    mine wound up going just behind the top edge of the carpet on the firewall. Couldn't see it, but could feel it when I ran my fingers behind the carpet edge.
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    What is this oil leak and broke a half shaft on my SSV

    I wouldn't waste time checking the bushing, just replace while you have the diff out, save yourself the time and effort later.
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    Missing Rear Air Control

    in mine it activates the rear ac which is then controlled along with the front. Just not zoned front and rear, only left and right.
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    Front brake pads

    I am running PowerStop ceramic pads and slotted rotors on the front of mine, no issues.
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    Got my 2010 PPV

    Congrats. Den, check the transmission mount, that was the cause of my vibration.
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    2010 Front End Replacement

    here are the part #'s for the GM lower control arms that I ordered for mine. 25812725 25812726 you can plug your VIN into one of the online GM parts stores to figure out the correct part numbers.
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    Got her!

    congrats, love the blue. looks like you may need to rotate the tires back to the correct locations for their rotation, right rear and left front look to be rotating backwards.
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    2013 PPV Trickery

    here are links to what you most likely have. My 2011 has the same K9 box in it but the agency removed the door popper and control for the fan and to drop the windows. Haven't decided if I going to add them back since I use mine to haul my dog in...
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    Help with 2009 PPV Harsh Ride

    Have you checked all of the other bushings in the suspension and steering systems, sounds more like worn parts else where. I would recheck every pivot point in both systems, don't forget to check tie rod ball joints as well.
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    Where’d you buy your Tahoe?, drove to the High Point PD maintenance facility and picked it up and drove it home. Came with maintenance records, cam and lifters replaced less than 3000 miles ago. Still has K9 cage in it, but I was getting it to haul my K9, so that was a plus.

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