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    tru-cool install?

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    tru-cool install?

    sorry 2011 tahoe LTZ just wondering if it matters which way the fluid enters the cooler via right side or left. Company told me it didnt matter but he wasnt too sure,
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    tru-cool install?

    I purchased a tru-cool 40k does anyone have install instructions. No phone number or website to find out. trying to find out if the cooler has a flow if your looking at it. Is the input left or right or it doesnt matter?
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    Trans Cooler question

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    Trans cooler

    Also towing a 5000lbs boat and trailer what would be safe operating temp for the trans. I was a 198 on a mile climb maybe 20 degrees
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    Trans cooler

    Howdy 2011 Tahoe no factory trans cooler. Which kit do you think would be effective. Please send any links you might have. I have NO THERMAL LIMITER where the line goes into the trans. Thanks in advance
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    Pair phone

    how do I delete the devices from the prior owners info. it says the device list is full and I cant pair the phone
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    2011 5.3 oil pressure low ?

    Thanks Man
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    2011 5.3 oil pressure low ?

    2011 5.3 Tahoe 200k. Oil pressure at idle is 20 lbs at idle and 40 at highway speeds is that normal or should I do a filter/screen and switch ?
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    Service Safety Restraint System error

    how do you cycle your map lights. My lights on
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    Electronic hum under right side of dash. Accuator

    as soon as you start the car the electronic hum searching noise happens Ill check if it changes on different hvac modes right side lower dash
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    Electronic hum under right side of dash. Accuator

    HI all new here. 2011 Tahoe Hearing and electronic hum and almost like the accuator is searching. It does go away in time. I know the GM accuators ratchets strip out and clatter like crazy but this seem like something electric small motor noise like it searching to find the position? Any...
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    to grease or not to grease

    Should the slip yoke be greased going into the transfercase? One person said not to because the grease could contaminate the fluid in the transfer case. Also what type fluid is used in the transfer case and the diffs Thanks for the help in advance
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    2011 Tahoe LTZ Flares

    Im trying to find out if anyone installed Bushwacker flares on a LTZ Tahoe. I have been told the rear bumper cover is different. My question is can your trim the rear flare to fit an LTZ They only offer the flare in a LT trim
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    Denali Fender Flares

    I have an 11 LTZ just so im clear the LT flare can be cut/shaved to be put on an LTZ? OR the opposite?

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