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  1. arkie

    Arnott MR3840?

    What did you use on the rear?
  2. arkie

    Overheating transmission

    M5U or M5X should be the 8L90
  3. arkie

    Torque converter issues

    I have a 17 Sierra 39700 miles with the 8 speed, seems to have the torque converter shudder. Can you recommend a good shop in the St Louis area?
  4. arkie

    What is that damn smell??

    Anytime you change the filter you should slide a thin cardboard below the filter before you pull the filter. That will catch all the leaves and crap that is on top of the filter before it falls into the fan. Then you can slide the cardboard out with the debris or vacuum it out without it falling...
  5. arkie

    2015 and 2016 Yukon factory pdf service manual

    I just sent you a pm I hope
  6. arkie

    Ok so i have a huge dilemma......i need opinions from everyone!

    What about the $500 vehicle, is it stolen? With no title, it very well could be.
  7. arkie

    2016 Yukon Denali A/C Heater Blower

    My problem is solved I think. A new blower (GM 84418890) will solve my problem I hope. Checking at the connector to the blower shows good B+ and gnd. I cannot check the speed signal from the HVAC control module with my tools, but the signal going to the rear blower works fine. A gamble that...
  8. arkie

    2016 Yukon Denali A/C Heater Blower

    The parts diagram does not show a resistor / control module for the front blower. It does for the rear/auxillary blower. The blower actually has 3 wires on the connector, Black, Red, and a light blue (i think) -- dark and hard to see. I believe the resistor functionality has been replaced with...
  9. arkie

    2016 Yukon Denali A/C Heater Blower

    Searching now for a good wiring diagram, appears that there is no resister/control module for the front blower and may have that functionality incorporated into the blower itself. Can anyone tell me what the upstream component is that supplies the PCM signal for the blower?
  10. arkie

    2016 Yukon Denali A/C Heater Blower

    Blower will give short burst of air when turned on from off position, then fades quickly at all speed settings. Evidently all fuses are good. Rear blower works normally. Any suggestions?

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