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  1. krbjmpr

    Trailer Wiring - software

    Oops. Just saw you pulling with diesel, I just have the 5.3L.
  2. krbjmpr

    Trailer Wiring - software

    Is the problem unique to late(st) generation? My 2012 Yukon SLT does not seem to have a problem towing my trailers. Both are LFP conversions, 200ah and 400ah, 14.2-14.4 battery voltage. I charge using solar when parked, and converter when plugged in, but off vehicle when moving. Both trailers...
  3. krbjmpr

    Dead Battery while parked.

    Same 2012 Yukon, haven't gotten around to changing shocks yet... Needed to make a grocery run, and found battery was near dead. Gauges and such, incl headlights, came on but were dim. Battery has tested good as recent as 2 weeks ago, no issues there. Last time I drove was over a week. I know I...
  4. krbjmpr

    Air Shock Boots / Dust Covers Z55 RPO

    Just to clarify... This piece of rubber, that holds whatever amount of air pressure, that is supposed to get firm (inflate)... fastened to the shock at top with a zip tie? That is why I thought was a cover / boot and not the air bladder.
  5. krbjmpr

    Air Shock Boots / Dust Covers Z55 RPO

    Amazon has new OEM for $257, free ship with Prime. I just happened to find a pair that were damaged packaging. Found them new, and clicked on subscript available used from... ACDelco GM Original Equipment 580-1093 Rear Air Lift Shock Absorber
  6. krbjmpr

    Headlight knob backlighting gone

    I bought the same exact one in Jan this year. Feels slightly different, but works fine. I paid $22.90 w/ prime. Started return, but then canceled return. The only issue I ran into is that it didn't appear to work right away. When went to change it back to OEM the next day so could return, it...
  7. krbjmpr

    Air Shock Boots / Dust Covers Z55 RPO

    Hmm, so compressor must be cycling on the circuit breaker. No air out the tubes :( Yukon still stays relatively level, despite loads. Good springs. No drivability issues noticed yet. Saw that there are rebuilt units from Arnott (distributors only, grr), but will they rebuild mine for future...
  8. krbjmpr

    Air Shock Boots / Dust Covers Z55 RPO

    Well...@#$%. At least I was able to find those shocks on Amazon. Any other PM I should pay attention to while changing shocks? Bumpers (frame) look heavily worn out / cracked. Will do those too.
  9. krbjmpr

    Air Shock Boots / Dust Covers Z55 RPO

    Compressor runs when turn key for a few seconds. It will run for longer if situation calls. Ran for 20sec or so last night when filled up. Went from 25miles left to 490miles left. My Yukon sits level, makes adjustments when add in bunch of weight in back (pressure washer, 5gal fuel can, table...
  10. krbjmpr

    Air Shock Boots / Dust Covers Z55 RPO

    About to drop in a set of pads on rear brakes, noticed that the boots on the air shocks (Z55) have both torn. Looked at multiple diagrams, thought I had a part number but turned out was for front boot on the struts. Anybody have a part number for this boot / dust cover? Or maybe perhaps a pn...
  11. krbjmpr

    Air Comptrssor (Suspensio ) I Upgrade?

    Actually, was thinking the other way around. Air suspension deflate / air release left alone, original motor leads connect to solenoid to inflate suspension from other air source. Another air source will get installed. Just curious if can eliminate rotating parts of oem compressor. I have no...
  12. krbjmpr

    Air Comptrssor (Suspensio ) I Upgrade?

    2012 Yukon SLT, air ride is working, though compressor is running more often and longer. Been thinking about adding a 2nd air compressor just for having on board air for inflatables, tires, birthday candles (lots now), dusting, etc. Planning on making a tank / series of small tanks that will...
  13. krbjmpr

    heated seats conversion

    Heard back today. Truck is a heavy DIY Lightning, incomplete chassis F450 7.3L Navistar and had been rebuilt after essentially being totalled from cab fire. Originally equipped with bench in front and back, seats were replaced with captains in front, and full size slideout bench in rear. Has...
  14. krbjmpr

    Irritating Noise in Overhead Console

    Noticed a noise coming from the overhead console area, seemed to be independent of gear / speed / # passengers / cargo weight or amount. While changing Lear to Homelink, did some additional poking around. Found a couple potential culprits. There are a pair of anchors in the roof structure...
  15. krbjmpr

    2012 Yukon Homelink Upgrade and then some

    HomeLink module, as removed from 2013 Buick Enclave Overhead Console. Notice that on the Buick version, there are only 2 wires going to the 3 wire connector. My 2012 Yukon has 3 wires going to the Lear module. I am pretty sure that the middle (brown) wire is for the backlight. The Red and...
  16. krbjmpr

    Overhead Console power

    I was into my console just a few minutes ago upgrading Lear to Homelink. While I was in there, in addition to identifying an intermittent rattle, I also probed looking for power. Orange and Red/Wht both have same voltage as power port, though I think Orange is bcm controlled. Regardless...
  17. krbjmpr

    Would this be a good battery?

    TL:DR Battery decision between ACDelco 48AGM, Optima H6 Yellow, and ask for recommendations. 2012 Yukon SLT 5.3 I am looking at new batteries, have tray for 2nd on DS, but not installed and haven't made / ordered cables yet. Current Interstate 48 SLA (@PS) is testing at 95% capacity at 3yrs...
  18. krbjmpr

    I have a tech2, how do I tell the BCM to stop hyperflashing my LED turn signals?

    Read somewhere here (TYF) that setting incomplete chassis in bcm turns off hyperflash. Seems to work as a lot of GM van-based (3500, 4500) Class C Motorhomes have the stupid silly LED brake/tail light assembly in rear, incandescent on front, and whatever was handy on the sides. What is even...
  19. krbjmpr

    Overhead Console power

    Mod: please put where should be if I chose incorrectly. 2012 Yukon SLT, bought a loaded Buick roof console off ebay. My console has Lear only, replacement has Homelink with 12-12-13 build date sticker. Plan is to swap buttons/ module as mentioned elsewhere.. $45 free shipping! It got me...
  20. krbjmpr

    heated seats conversion

    Welcome. Sent friend a message to see how his setup is holding up and what vehicle it was. Will update when replies.
  21. krbjmpr

    heated seats conversion

    Last time I had a heated seat brought to me, unknown model / year, I took advantage and poked around a bit for a project of my own. There are 3 heat settings, High, Medium, and Low. You are putting current through both elements for High heat. This can get done by 12v being applied to both...
  22. krbjmpr

    SOLVED - Anyone know of a Hard-Wired Trailer Brake solution for a 2023 Tahoe?

    I have run into a single controller incompatibility in the shop. Started out as simple controller install on a *highly* customized Sprinter van. Turned out that brake switch was a CAN-switch, meaning rather than a voltage, it gave a data stream, perhaps in conjunction with voltage. After a...
  23. krbjmpr

    Towing travel trailer with LiFePo4 battery?

    It wasn't being towed by anything recent, but we had an ego small travel trailer list with us recently. LFP bank was comprised of 4x100Ah batteries. Fed a Renogy 3kw Inverter, Inverter also charged batteries when plugged in. When being towed, there was a 275Amp (SB-275?) Anderson connector on...

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