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    99-06 vs 07-13?

    What screen are you talking about?I haven't purchased a vehicle yet but I have been thinking about it.
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    99-06 vs 07-13?

    So I did have an 05 Yukon my wife left me and she has that now.The 05 is at 200k and still runs perfect.My 02 Silverado is almost at 300k and runs perfect biggest problem with that in the last ten years was the little oring going into the oil pump went out a while back.I need another vehicle to...
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    Lug nut wrench size?

    7/8ths will work if you're in a jam but it's slightly larger than a 22 so you have more of a risk of rounding your lug nuts.
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    Tire rotation on AWD?

    What is the preferred method?I know most places just swap the front to the back some swear by doing it in an x pattern.
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    99-06 era modification's

    Just curious if anyone has pictures of Tahoe's or Yukon's modified like they bought it new and modified it in that era.
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    Help with Pricing 2005 Denali XL

    When I was searching for an SUV I really wasn't looking for just a Tahoe LTZ.Plus prices vary from state to state.
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    Help with Pricing 2005 Denali XL

    When I was looking for an SUV I noticed some of the 07-12 were little cheaper compared to the 99-06.That kind of scared me so I stuck with the 99-06 platform.I agree about the price but it is hard to find one that clean and low mileage.
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    Glad I found this forum.

    69 Impala two door 327 two speed powerglide 66 c10 swb and a 72 c10 long bed.They all run and drive.I just got the 66 running driving updated the tags and insured it.
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    Glad I found this forum.

    Nothing really spectacular.Just my 02 Silverado and my wife's 05 Yukon.
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    Glad I found this forum.

    I really like the 99-06 platform of this vehicle.I have an 02 Silverado and an 05 GMC Yukon Denali xl.

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