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  1. m1949

    Need recommendation: Alternator is toast at 18 mos.

    Well, the new KW1 160 amp ACdelco alternator is toast after only 18 months. Had the GM bearing whine from day 1. I'm open, even anxious to here your informed opinions for a better quality replacement.
  2. m1949

    OE quality carpet

    Looking for recommendations for replacement carpets (not floor mats). Which aftermarket carpets are OE quality and fit? Its been a few years since this question was posted and I'm interested updated information.
  3. m1949

    New Eshaust tips

    New Exhaust tips
  4. m1949

    New Exhaust tips

    Never cared much for the Honda Civic Si exhaust tip shown on the left which the builder chose. So this week I'm swapping it for circa C6 Corvette style tips. I used Photoshop to make the mock up on the right for the muffler shop, to show them the look I want. I think its a cleaner look. I'll...
  5. m1949

    Running board end cap question

    Did some measuring and learned the LF and RR end caps can"t be swapped. The dimensions are differeant.
  6. m1949

    Running board end cap question

    Does anyone KNOW if the right rear and left front running board end caps on '06 Escalades are the same. In other words, I need to replace the right rear end cap. Can I use a left front? Are the two identical?
  7. m1949

    Build is Finished!

    Went with Bilstein 4600. I like them better than Belltech SP shocks. It's probably a matter of personal preference, but the Belltechs were too stiff for my liking. The Bilsteins perform more like how I remember the OE shocks were on my '05 Suburban back in the day. I tried a set of Monroes...
  8. m1949

    Build is Finished!

    The last bit of dialing in the suspension is done. Now I plan to enjoy this '06 Resto-build as a daily driver and maybe take it to a couple of local car shows. Here is a list of most of the work done: Resto-Build Details 2006 Cadillac Escalade Base **Exterior ** -Sport Red Metallic paint...
  9. m1949

    Removing 3rd row flooring, what to fill recesses with?

    Spray foam insulation should work. Get the type that hardens and has less expansion. You can cut off any excess flush to the floor.
  10. m1949

    Engine Bay Dress UP

    Decided to try my hand at making an engine cover. Never layed fiberglass before this. Watched some videos and visited a few sites to get the basics. Wasn't too hard. Here are photos.
  11. m1949

    Please Show photos of your customized Engine Cover, Fuel Rail Covers.

    Thanks for your ideas. I really like the dipped finish. Maybe I'll give it a try. I decided to go a different route and made a new engine/fuel rail cover from fiberglass. Here's a couple of photos.
  12. m1949

    Help! Please. Driver window, door locks, mirror controls Not working

    I removed driver door panel to fix the bezel around the control panel. Got it fixed and, plugged everything back in and reinstalled door panel. Now, none of the controls are working. Window and locks work on all other doors. Is there a reset somewhere? Or are the control panel plugs finicky and...
  13. m1949

    Odd symptoms P0336 Code

    Took the Escalade back to the builder to correct a few issues. Among other things, he replaced the Crankshaft position sensor connector (pigtail) which cleared the p0336 code. He also did some paint correction and swapped out the Street Performance shocks for a set of Bilsteins. The ride is...
  14. m1949

    Odd symptoms P0336 Code

    Wouldn't I be pulling an O2 sensor code if fuel trim is off?
  15. m1949

    Odd symptoms P0336 Code

    I thought of an intake leak and had it smoke tested. Sure enough, there was a small leak from a port gasket. We installed all new gaskets, retested, and no leak. But we are still getting the P0336 Crankshaft sensor code. My thought is the connector wiring may be faulty and loses signal when...
  16. m1949

    Odd symptoms P0336 Code

    Since cold weather set in I occasionally experience rough idle at start up and hesitating acceleration for maybe 5 minutes. Then everything smooths out. This only happens when it's cold outside and the truck is cold, and not all the time even then. It runs and accertlates smoothly once the...
  17. m1949

    "06 Escalade Build: Engine cover finished!

    Another photo, this time with V logo
  18. m1949

    "06 Escalade Build: Engine cover finished!

    Added V badging and HP decals to the engine cover. To anticipate questions some may have about adding V badging: I built out the Escalade with the idea of what Cadillac could have done had they decided to make an Escalade V back in '06. In hotrodese, mine is a V Tribute Escalade. No, it's not...
  19. m1949

    "06 Escalade Build: Engine cover finished!

    New wiring harness for the injectors is my next project. We rewrapped the old harness, but it looks crappy. Now it's hidden, but I know .........
  20. m1949

    "06 Escalade Build: Engine cover finished!

    Thank you. It's a challenge to try to cleanup and add aesthetic touches to the engine bays of these newer cars/trucks. IMO, all of the necessary wiring, sensors, etc. make for too busy and ugly engine bays. More recently some manufacturers are covering the entire engine bay with plastic to hide...
  21. m1949

    "06 Escalade Build: Engine cover finished!

    The simple answer is I used the same method GM uses for their 6.2L truck manifold cover. The cover connects to the manifold with grommets which allow it to be pressed on and pop off using two studs that are screwed into the manifold. Here is what I did: The manifold has threaded opening for up...
  22. m1949

    "06 Escalade Build: Engine cover finished!

    Here are photos with the engine cover I made installedon the Escalade.
  23. m1949

    "06 Escalade Build: Engine cover finished!

    No issues with them to date. They still have that "new leather" smell!
  24. m1949

    "06 Escalade Build: Engine cover finished!

    After some mistakes and start overs, I finally managed to fabricate a new engine cover. Just finished painting it. Here are photos
  25. m1949

    Runs rough for a few seconds

    Sometimes, but not always, when I first start the engine runs rough during initial acceleration, kind of like it's missing. It does that for just a few seconds then smooths out and runs fine. This only happens when I first start the truck after it's been sitting a long time, like over night, and...

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