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  1. Jellyfrosh

    2023 Yukon Denali diesel vs 2023 Ram 1500 diesel

    What? You hit the button to turn it off. Pretty simple.
  2. Jellyfrosh

    Dealer oil change $$$

    last oil change for me was $138 and that was oil and a tire rotation at the dealer
  3. Jellyfrosh

    Fuel quality at different stations

    I live in rural Wyoming, I have never once seen a place that sells bio. I'm guessing it was a load of #1 but even running 1# all winter it wasn't that bad.
  4. Jellyfrosh

    Fuel quality at different stations

    I've driven diesels for essentially my entire adult life, and after spending ~5k on a new fuel system a couple years ago on my F250 because of poor quality fuel, I've only ever got diesel at the most expensive place in town, which is Shell. I was in a trip a few weeks ago and had to get diesel...
  5. Jellyfrosh

    2023 At4 Yukon coming from 2020 ford explorerr

    All you have to do is put a jug in every couple months. It really isn't that big of a deal. The issues people have with DEF systems are when they put old expired DEF in their vehicle or the really early years (10 years ago or so) when they were first putting them on engines and had bugs to work out.
  6. Jellyfrosh

    General Motors announces they are DROPPING Apple CarPlay:

    Toyota tried that and it failed miserably. Rent seeking almost always backfires on these companies and this is an incredibly obvious example.
  7. Jellyfrosh

    Yukon Denali Duramax - Is it slow?

    It doesn't feel like a 3.0L engine, I can tell you that much. You definitely notice at the top end though, anything above 65-70 or so. It still accelerates fine, but it's not a race car.
  8. Jellyfrosh

    Gas vs Diesel fuel price

    Diesel at the cheapest place here is 3.76, cheapest regular 85 octane gas is 3.23, cheapest anything is E85 and it's 2 something. NE Wyoming.
  9. Jellyfrosh

    Chip Retrofit Lawsuit?

    They make it very clear when you buy the vehicle that it's missing features. If that bothered you so much why did you buy it?
  10. Jellyfrosh

    Consumer reports rates 2022 Yukon 2/100 in Reliability

    Who cares? I didn't buy my Yukon because of some dumb review, I bought it because I liked it. Unless it's something EVERYONE is saying is bad (like a 6.4L Powerstroke) I don't care what reviews say.
  11. Jellyfrosh

    Def usage - seemed to drop really fast

    I live in Wyoming, and I bought the car right at the start of winter weather. Cold temps, mostly highway driving, and often heavy headwind are all it's been driven in. I expect my usage to drop significantly as it warms up.
  12. Jellyfrosh

    Def usage - seemed to drop really fast

    I've been consuming about a gallon every thousand miles with my LM2 but I've only got 8k miles of data. I also don't tow.
  13. Jellyfrosh

    When does the '24 refresh debut..?

    According to the website the national average regular gasoline price is 3.456 a gallon. Diesel is 4.247. So it's roughly 0.80 a gallon more for diesel. The L3B in the 2WD Silverado 1500 is rated for 19 city, 22 highway, 20 combined mpg. The LM2 is rated for 23 city, 31 highway, 26...
  14. Jellyfrosh

    When does the '24 refresh debut..?

    They can barely sell those in the pickups, why would anybody buy that over the diesel if they want good fuel economy?
  15. Jellyfrosh

    Bluetooth Airpods with Head unit??

    I've listened to bluetooth headphones while driving for my sleeping passengers' sake and when I linked my phone to the headphones it still displayed what I was listening to on the dash and I could use the steering wheel buttons to skip songs. Just have the headphones set as your primary source.
  16. Jellyfrosh

    Actual diesel consumption on 21 duramax Tahoe

    My overall is like 26.5mpg/8.9L/100km but I mostly do highway driving at 65mph/105km/h and I live in a very flat state. My best tank I had was 28.3mpg/8.3l/100km.
  17. Jellyfrosh

    No chips yet?

    I got a letter in the mail and a notification on the MyGMC app about my ventilated seat retrofit.
  18. Jellyfrosh

    Diesel Engine Incorrect Calibration? N212355140

    Exactly the same case here.
  19. Jellyfrosh

    2021 Tahoe LT Duramax mpg/mpd increase after maintenance and software upgrade

    The dash lies all the time. My last fillup it said I had a range of like 710 miles or something. Could be a different diesel blend, either bio diesel or diesel number 1. Possible they put the wrong weight oil in your engine, thicker oil would reduce economy. Could be your tire pressure. Could...
  20. Jellyfrosh

    2022 Suburban/Blinking CEL

    21k and a year old means it's still under warranty. Just take it to the dealer.
  21. Jellyfrosh

    buying 23 suburban LS diesel maybe

    I've never tempted fate enough to try it.
  22. Jellyfrosh

    buying 23 suburban LS diesel maybe

    I had that exact confusion with the gap setting feature, I was told by the dealer it's for emergency braking.
  23. Jellyfrosh

    Real differences between Yukon and Tahoe

    my 2022 SLT has a rear wiper with washer and it doesn't say anywhere on the sticker about it. they're kind of hidden on the 2021+ body style, you sure her Yukon doesn't have one?
  24. Jellyfrosh

    buying 23 suburban LS diesel maybe

    This isn't the 1980s anymore. Diesels don't stink (unless you have an exhaust leak) and the 3.0L is so quiet I can't hear it under 2000 rpm from inside the vehicle. I've owned 5 diesels now, ranging from 80s era IDIs to late 2000s early emissions engines, the 3.0L stomps all of them. I wouldn't...
  25. Jellyfrosh

    Grease fitting locations?

    My 2022 Yukon has them, according to my dealer. I was told they are only on the steering components.

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