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    Parking sensors retrofit status / update

    Thought I would bump this thread and let everyone know I contacted my dealer, told him I heard the parking sensors were available and he confirmed he was able to order the module for the parking sensors. This will be my last chip retrofit and I will have all the options on my 22 AT4.
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    Got a sunglasses tray to upgrade my interior, why not?

    Bought the same for my AT4. Love it!
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    FrontRunner Roof Rack - Test vehicle needed

    Hello All, I spoke to Front Runner and they are looking for a test vehicle to fit one of their rack systems to our Yukon/Tahoe. I would gladly give them mine but I am not located in Southern California. If someone in Southern California wants to give them their Yukon/Tahoe to them we could...
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    What did you do to your 21+ T1XX today?

    You take the front wheel off, replace the front axle and the mount holds the front axle so it sits upright. I dont have a picture but will try to get one soon. Here is a picture from google:
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    What did you do to your 21+ T1XX today?

    Got a couple mods done today. I normally put my bike on a hitch carrier but there are days I want to go to work and go for a ride after but don't want to keep the bike out. Installed a mount on top of the storage lid and then bought some easy fastners and a plate for stability. Did a test run...
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    K&N CAI

    I have the stock 6.2 dual exhaust. I definitely understand the thought process and think that is generally true. However, for something like this, I dont think it's necessary. Its only making a small difference in performance but if I were really looking to get a bunch of performance out of...
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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    I can't keep it all straight. I talked with another company who said the same thing, your AT4 is already lifted and lifting more will cause more stress on CVs. But there was no way mine was.
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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    To update this, Went to install my Motofab 1" level lift on my 22 and confirmed I did NOT need the bracket that Motofab said I did. But do love the 1". Leveled my AT4 perfectly.
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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    I looked and I couldn't find any. I brought up that it was the older generation but he was adamant that i needed them for my 22.
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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    Interesting. And you have magnaride? Motofab told me I needed this bracket. But if I dont I would rather keep my appointment this week and get this rig...
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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    I'm not sure the specifics of your ride (I have a 22 Yukon AT4 w/ Magnaride) and I missed the memo that you need the Magnaride relocation bracket. So I just ordered that and now delayed another week until that arrives. Just wanted to give a heads up to you and anyone who might be considering this.
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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    I normally would DIY but my wife and I sold our house before finding a new one so I'm without tools and a garage. I'm getting my 1" installed for $440 including alignment.
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    What did you do to your 21+ T1XX today?

    Purchased a MotoFob 1" level lift to bring my front end up a hair. From the information I've gathered, it will level the rig out perfectly. I don't have air ride and have always felt the AT4 had too much rake. Arrives in a couple days and hoping to have it installed this upcoming week as...
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    Add Vanity Front Plate or Not?

    Here you go LINK TO PLUGS
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    What did you do to your 21+ T1XX today?

    Wife curbed the wheel Fixed the next day
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    Lifted AT4?

    Thank you for everyone's real input. You confirmed my suspicions.
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    Lifted AT4?

    Pardon my ignorance here but I'm looking at leveling my '22 AT4. I do not want to raise the rear end, I only want to bring up the front just a bit. The companies I've talked to have said something that has me questioning them and their knowledge. They have all said "well the AT4 is lifted...
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    Black Grille options?

    I went with a cheap route and wrapped the grill surround. Then put an overlay over the main part. Overlay was $130 or so from ebay (I'll update post with link soon - see 'edit' below) and $150 for the wrap. Very pleased with the outcome. EDIT: Link to Ebay Overlay
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    Add Vanity Front Plate or Not?

    Ugh..yes, please do not drill. I ordered my Yukon and told the dealer NOT to install the front plate and they did. So I had to remove the front plate and add color matched plugs. Still annoys me everytime I see it. Get a No Drill License Plate holder.
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    New Fog Light Observation!

    Received an update on my screen this morning. Hit install, waited a bit for it to finish a I'm so pumped to say that it worked! DRLs stay bright with the fog lights!
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    Installing Dashcam: Need a 20a ACC Fuse spot in cargo area

    Why don't you tap into the mirror? BlendMount MirrorTap EDIT: sorry, just realized you're looking for cargo area. My bad.
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    Roof Platform

    Exactly what I'm looking to put on my 2022 AT4.
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    How to tell if AFM is active?

    Going downhill.

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