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  1. clogan2

    Engine oil life indicator--reliable?

    For our Tahoe, I follow the oil life monitor, and change it at 15% or so. That usually equates to ~8,000-9,000 miles. I use the oil recommended in my owner manual: DEXOS 0w-20. For my 'Vette and pick up truck, I change it annually, and that equates to <3,000 miles.
  2. clogan2

    Wiper Fluid Gone Bad?

    Confession: I use the windshield washer so rarely, I've never bought new ww fluid; never refilled a reservoir. My '06 Chevy still has the OEM fluid (wiper blades, too). Been driving since 1966. Weird, I know. But I wash my shield by hand/squeegee when it gets dirty. I hate the half cleaned...
  3. clogan2

    Oil Filter Efficiency for Cleaner Oil

    Been using AC/Delco in my GMs for years and years...any stats on them?
  4. clogan2

    Are these guys insane?

    Junk yard or Pick-A-Part is where I'd go.
  5. clogan2

    Bogus "Rear hatch open" message, lights, and alarms

    2016 Tahoe LTZ, 104,000 miles. Coming back from the beach last Saturday. We had been on the road for 2 hours or so, when the interior lights started flashing, the seatbelt dinger started dinging, and the console kept flashing a message "Rear Hatch Open". I pulled over, opened and re-closed the...
  6. clogan2

    30K mile service

    Local shop hereabouts wanted $199.95, plus tax, shop fee, EPA fee etc. to change my transfer case oil. I did it myself in my garage in 20 minutes using 2 qts of ATF from O'Reilly's and a $8 hand pump from Harbor Freight. Easy job. Didn't even get dirty.
  7. clogan2

    2021 Yukon XL Denali - third engine and still under 42k miles

    If you bought the car with 37,000 miles on it, then there's doubt that Lemon Laws would apply. Secondly, it is similarly doubtful that GM corporate would get involved at all. The power train warranty is likely all you have to rely on for repair. Looks like you either need to keep the car, or...
  8. clogan2

    Tow Truck Ripped Frame

    I'd spray some aerosol undercoat or Rust-Oleum on it, and forget about it. No big deal.
  9. clogan2

    2023 model and speed limit signs

    Can't you simply run your nav app on your smartphone, then connect to the infotainment system via Android auto? (I haven't tried it, so I don't really know)
  10. clogan2

    2021 RWD Denali Differential Service recommendations...

    FWIW, my brother's '03 2500 Silverado has never had tranny or diff fluid changed, now at nearly 350,000 miles. (He's wasn't big on maintenance). Shop told me at this stage, a transmission fluid change would likely result in a transmission failure.
  11. clogan2

    Is GMC Price Protection a Thing? Price Has Changed.

    All this at a time of historic dealer profitability.
  12. clogan2

    oil life monitor

    IIRC, the oil life monitor takes several variables into account in addition to miles driven. Things such as start-stop cycles, engine load and towing, acceleration rates, average driving speed, and engine temperatures and run time. Miles driven was once the only metric available, but most modern...
  13. clogan2

    Any regrets when getting rid of OnStar and/or truck’s Wi-Fi?

    Can't y'all remotely start your engine with your fob, and avoid all the other stuff?
  14. clogan2

    Rental Tahoe unlimited miles?

    Think of it like this: if you drive your own rig, when you get back home, because of the rental fees you don't have to pay, it will be like getting a surprise check in the mail for $$$.
  15. clogan2

    Cleaning The Exterior

    Every two weeks or so. All depends on the weather.
  16. clogan2

    Cleaning The Exterior

    I've been using off the shelf car wash soap for years to hand wash my autos. Blue Coral, Turtle Wax, whatever. Then dry with a chamois cloth, or Absorber (synthetic chamois). But be sure and keep a good coat of wax/polish on your car. I've used Zaino since 2003, and am a big fan. Parking indoors...
  17. clogan2

    Knocking sound driving me insane!!!

    I had a horrible thumping/knocking sound from the rear of a car I used to have...finally solved it when I pulled over and let the mother-in-law out of the trunk.
  18. clogan2

    Woowoowoowoo sound?

    I've got a "woowoowoo" noise (coming from left front?) of my '16 Tahoe LTZ. Most noticeable at 45 mph. It's got 92,000 all highway miles, never a problem of any kind. I first thought it was the tire, especially when I found a screw in it, then got it plugged. But the noise seems to be getting...
  19. clogan2

    2022 diesel towing experience vs. 2018 Denali 6.2 gasser

    I've got a 6" drop hitch on my Tahoe, and would need at least another 4" drop to get my 6'x 10' utility trailer level. That thing is HIGH!! I'd much rather tow with my F150, no drop needed.
  20. clogan2

    What is the average dealership markup for a 2022 Yukon Denali? Just got quoted $10k markup

    I'm getting our grand daughter a new car when she graduates from college. Guess I'd better go ahead and get my order placed; she starts pre-school this fall.
  21. clogan2

    Nitrogen filled tires

    Snake oil, pure and simple.
  22. clogan2

    Reconsidering my order

    If you plan to trade every year or so, you had better go ahead and place orders now for your next vehicle; it'll possibly be time to trade before it's even built.
  23. clogan2

    Not sure this is going to work out (considering selling after 3 weeks)

    I completely agree with OP. I’ve got an ‘03 2500HD with 300k miles, and I can do a LOT of resto-mod work to it for a lot less than the $70grand it would take to replace it...and I just might like it better anyhow. No nannies, no tracking, no ding-****-whistle-bell-touch screen-self...
  24. clogan2

    Can Additional Manufacture Options/Packages Be Added To A New Vehicle At A Dealership Before Purchasing?

    I've had excellent results over the years in getting dealerships to install options. It's all a matter of being willing to make it worthwhile for the dealer (pay him). A few years back, I bought an F-150, and had the dealer install a Roush supercharger package. Back before that, I wanted a 2+2...

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