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  1. Sweet_N_Low

    Last chance to get my ram air hood and aftermarket items

    Don't receive but PM me, I'll watch the forum for it
  2. Sweet_N_Low

    Last chance to get my ram air hood and aftermarket items

    I am trading my avalanche in and am removing all my aftermarket items. I have a western billet works billet grill as well as matching lower valance grills.$50 shipped for all LED/fiber optic tail lights(only fit Av's, not tahoe's). These were $400 tails I will take $200 shipped for...
  3. Sweet_N_Low

    AEM brute force CAI for NNBS

    Fuck you again modded. SOLD!!
  4. Sweet_N_Low

    AEM brute force CAI for NNBS

    I think alot of ppl would like to save $50, but thanks for you're unnecessary input
  5. Sweet_N_Low

    AEM brute force CAI for NNBS

    Very good condition with original box. Will remove and clean up when sold. $175 shipped
  6. Sweet_N_Low

    Cervinis ram air hood, Belltech 2/4 with assist bags,

    This has been on my truck for a year. GM black. I need your hood as part of transaction. I am not interested in shipping, I'm in Smithfield, NC. Here's a link to hood, $500 + your hood Belltech 2/4, lowering struts up...
  7. Sweet_N_Low

    Alignment kits

    Got my trashed tires replaced and took my Avalanche for an alignment. Truck is lowered 2/4 struts and springs and it WILL NOT align, not enough camber adjustment. Only fix I'm aware of is an alignment kit, suggestions on a different fix or recommended kit for my vehicle.
  8. Sweet_N_Low

    Brake caliper zirk fittings

    Anyone know what the thread is on the 07+ calipers, I have 2 that are stripped
  9. Sweet_N_Low

    Oh God...time to FAP FAP FAP FAP!!!

    don't see $37000 myself
  10. Sweet_N_Low

    Lowering Springs?

    I check all my kits before I ship them being that mine are shipped from my home, not a warehouse. Listen Tony, you may think I threw you under the bus, whatever. I made others aware of an issue I had and never once mentioned your name. You're the one that responded and disclosed it was you I...
  11. Sweet_N_Low

    Lowering Springs?

    No belltech warranty but I would address any issues that may arise. Thats a great retaliatory response Tony. Would you be so generous as to disclose what issues you have encountered that one buying this kit might encounter? How about any situations where warranty has been necessary. My parts are...
  12. Sweet_N_Low

    Lowering Springs?

    I have a brand new 2/3-4 belltech kit in classifieds for $420 shipped
  13. Sweet_N_Low

    Need help choosing a suspension for my 04 Denali

    Check the classifieds, some killer deals on lowering kits there.
  14. Sweet_N_Low

    07 Burbn - Rear tires rubbing

    Hmm, I would think the autoride would compensate for the weight addition, NO????
  15. Sweet_N_Low

    Wrecked My Truck

    That sucks, sorry to see that. Still trying to get my shizz straight from a wreck 6 weeks ago
  16. Sweet_N_Low

    07 Burbn - Rear tires rubbing

    It's only plastic. Trim it or wait for the tires to rub enough clearance
  17. Sweet_N_Low

    Help Please!!!!

    Take some starting fluid and spray around intake(make sure engine is cold) and tb gasket. If the motor revs or changes sound? Gotta leak!
  18. Sweet_N_Low

    For those considering lowering struts, what you need to know

    Say what you think but only Tony and I will know what the conversation entailed and I think I can understand "no" when asking, "do I need to get an alignment after the struts?" Don't "blame Tony?" I give credit when credit is due and blame the same way
  19. Sweet_N_Low


    In case you didn't see my thread my truck is in my avatar with NOT the keystone hood but a Cervinis ram air. I personally compared the two hoods side by side and the Cervinis is built stronger and with better craftsmanship then the keystone. I found my hood at latemodelrestoration with the...
  20. Sweet_N_Low

    Belltech 5305 coils with helper bags & shock extenders

    I'd take the bags if you split
  21. Sweet_N_Low

    is MBRP any good?

    I have the performance series and love it
  22. Sweet_N_Low

    Looking for a 2/3 lowering kit for a Tahoe with autoride

    Check the classifieds. $410 shipped for brand new 2/3 kit
  23. Sweet_N_Low

    For those considering lowering struts, what you need to know

    So to clear this up, I never had an alignment done because I was told "I didn't need one with just struts." This isn't my first experience with lowering, the reason I asked questions before purchasing. The tires are GONE!! The idiots at the shop tried to align it with the trashed tires and...

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