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  1. TransAmPlaya7

    Autoride Question (02 Denali)

    What's up, i have a 2002 Yukon Denali and it's come time to replace my autoride. I was told that the rear has auto ride while the front does not. But I took the front wheen off and there's an autoride sensor up there as well. Can anyone confirm that the front doesn't have autoride? Feeling...
  2. TransAmPlaya7

    North Florida

    What's up fellas, I'm meeting up with some friends and taking a cruise on Saturday. All are welcome, we're meeting at tinseltown at 5pm (leaving at 530) and cruising down A1A. This is Jacksonville if you were wondering. Hope to see some gm fullsize out!
  3. TransAmPlaya7

    Help me pick my next 22s! Suggestions and pics?

    I just put on some 22x9 Sierra replicas. I really like them.
  4. TransAmPlaya7

    Walk of Hope Foundation Charity Car Show

    Hey guys here's a good way to support a good cause and show off your cars. Walk of Hope Foundation is putting on a car show on April 27, 2014. Here's the info for the show: $20 Pre-Registration Deadline: April 26th (includes 1 meal and 10 raffle tickets) $25 Registration (10am-noon, April 27th)...
  5. TransAmPlaya7

    Where is North Florida??

    I feel like I'm posting this everywhere but Feb 22 we're going to the car museum in Tally from JAX. Anyone want to go?
  6. TransAmPlaya7

    Jacksonville tonight!

    Feb 22nd! We're going to Tally for the car museum, you want to roll out bro?
  7. TransAmPlaya7

    North Florida - South Georgia Meet

    Hey, we have a meet set up for February 22nd. We're heading to the car museum, this is always a great cruise. We're leaving out of JAX, anyone is welcome to join. Who wants to hit the street? Mike you better bring that Hoe out!
  8. TransAmPlaya7

    Where is North Florida??

    Lets get a meet figured out guys!
  9. TransAmPlaya7

    Where is North Florida??

    That's funny lol
  10. TransAmPlaya7

    Where is North Florida??

    I know there has to be more than 3 guys in and around Jacksonvile! Where you guys at? Who's trying to get together, park and/or cruise?
  11. TransAmPlaya7

    Jacksonville, FL

    haha i can dig it, you still rolling out Saturday?
  12. TransAmPlaya7

    Jacksonville, FL

    man i think 2/4 would be perfect :D
  13. TransAmPlaya7

    Jacksonville, FL

    Bro I gotta find a way to drop the Nali, i'm not liking what i see on the forum about the air ride lol ---------- Post added at 07:41 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:41 AM ---------- That's a cool whip Nate!
  14. TransAmPlaya7

    Jacksonville, FL

    North Florida (JAX) Hey guys, I live in South JAX and first off I wanted to see how many guys live in the JAX area and second what clubs you guys are with? I just joined a club called SSP Car and Truck Club, there's my Nali and a clean Tahoe in the club (of course other muscle cars). If you...
  15. TransAmPlaya7

    Rear Air Ride Question

    Hey guys i'm pretty new to this site. I have a question about the rear air ride for a 2002 Yukon Denali. I saw on a Trailblazer forum where guys with the SS's were lowering the back end by adjusting the rear air ride sensor. I was wondering if this possible for a Denali? If not is there a way...

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