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  1. LittlePearl13

    Post your setups!!

    Well guys, I've moved over to the dark side. I finally traded up from my old Tahoe that was falling apart at the seams. But I didn't give in entirely, I just passed it down to my brother. This may not be the best spot to post this, but I pretty much stayed within the OBS community here, and...
  2. LittlePearl13

    Post your setups!!

    Haven't posted in a long time, updated pics. Recently cranked up the front 2", 2" block, "sawzall special" fender trimming, 33" Falken Wildpeak ATs wrapping Eagle Alloys. Truck now has a suuuper wide stance, ridiculous backspacing on the wheels I guess (picked them off craigslist). But I sure...
  3. LittlePearl13

    3Inch Body Lift Asap

    This is a good thread, lots of info. Not to thread jack, but maybe somebody could chime in if they know if this all applies to a 2" body lift as well?
  4. LittlePearl13

    Sierra 3500 HD spied ....

    So what does everybody think of the brand new Silverado gen? Personally I dig how it looks. Can't wait for people to get their hands on the wheel and put it though some real consumer tests! I'm also curious to see the specs of...
  5. LittlePearl13

    picture hoe

    Looks so good! Idea for a 5-min mod, get a little can of red paint and a brush, and paint the superlift logo to match the pinstripe. Or cover it.
  6. LittlePearl13

    blue bus version 2

    This guy lives in a town north of me, I've seen it driving around before. B-e-a-utiful.
  7. LittlePearl13

    98 tahoe lift kit...?

    sure, that's the base kit. but that doesn't include all the add on stuff he'll probably need.
  8. LittlePearl13

    Please Welcome Rough Country to TYF

    You know you've got a good company on your hands when they take the time to do outreach stuff like this to their customers. Haven't bought a lift yet, but when I do, I know it'll be RC! Welcome guys.
  9. LittlePearl13

    new 2 door!!!

    Not to mention the guys at GM's crash test centers! :hands:
  10. LittlePearl13

    Fuel economy

    I did two things: 1. Paid $300 and got my TBI (truck's 1 95) engine tuned up. 2. I put on a two-chamber flowmaster "performance" muffler with a turndown pipe. Honestly, I went from averaging 13.9 mpgs to 15.6, I have a gas log with stats to prove it. It's not much, but every little bit helps.
  11. LittlePearl13

    might pull the trigger early

    Can't ride that good if it's scrubbing as badly as you said it was. Just something to think about.
  12. LittlePearl13

    Did Rough Country ever make a 4" spindle lift?

    i'm just trying to figure out if this dude is full of shit or not. Just emailed him this morning, no reply yet. ---------- Post added at 03:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:17 PM ---------- Also, I realize spindles only work...
  13. LittlePearl13

    2011 Tahoe 4X4 w/ Rough Country 2" level

    I don't know, those wheels could look very cool with some AT tires. Nice truck!
  14. LittlePearl13

    Nominations for July, the NNBS trucks

    I would like to nominate fco_gonzo's Tahoe. It looks super clean even this dirty, and that hood is a beaut. Hopefully he's still an active member and can tell you a little more about it! His sig says: 2007 4x4 Z71 Suspension: Rancho 4 inch Lift, Rancho 9000 XL Shocks, Daystar 2 inch front...
  15. LittlePearl13

    Removing Lift

    Willing to sell it when you take it off??? If so PM me, please! If you give me a discount, I'll give you my stock height shocks and my driveshaft if yours was replaced when it was lifted.
  16. LittlePearl13

    '99 Tahoe - Expedition Build!

    Liked on FB!
  17. LittlePearl13

    What do you guys think of this truck?

    Yeah, I really like the blue one. Since the owner went back to factory tails, all that thing needs is some clear corners, it'd be looking very clean. I wish I had the cash for it, I don't think the owner will consider trading for a Tahoe "downsizing" at all, and it'll probably be gone soon.
  18. LittlePearl13

    What do you guys think of this truck?

    Yeah, it's really gonna be a dog. But I'm going to keep looking. Ideally, I'd like to find an OBS 2500 ext. cab, 8 ft. box with a detroit diesel in it. I'm not sure if that was even an option. But I like this truck even better than the 3/4 ton I posted above...
  19. LittlePearl13

    What do you guys think of this truck?

    Yeah, I gave up on it, haha. I haven't recieved any new emails which I look at as a good/bed thing. Bad thing, it was a scam. Good thing, since it was a scam, I haven't gotten any spam emails x) damn... still looking for a pickup though. I'll keep looking. That's good to hear purple! I'm glad...
  20. LittlePearl13

    What do you guys think of this truck?

    Yeah, I'm definitely feeling the ad's fake. OR that the guy is just an idiot. So many people on my craigslist (slo) are idiots and can't type up an ad. He actually posted it three separate times, and the other two say v8, and are much more concise and seemingly accurate. I'll post those up in a...
  21. LittlePearl13

    What do you guys think of this truck? It's for sale in my town, and I'm very curious. I'm tempted, because I've been looking for a pickup and because it's a low price, but the price really worries me, as well. I've just sent the guy an email with a ton of questions. What do you guys...
  22. LittlePearl13

    GMC Oem wheels...?

    I saw a used set of these on craigslist for pretty cheap the other day... I wouldnt be able to put them on until the next time I get new tires, but how do you guys think this would look on a 4 door OBS? At stock height and with a 6" and 35" bfg ats...

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