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  1. NoClue97

    Replacing Old Carpet

    These trucks are relatively simple and easily assembled/ disassembled. There's some YT vids I thin. Shouldn't be too much to remove and reinstall. My dad had a 2000 GMC Jimmy that had the carpet replaced with a basic blue (exterior was blue, inside gray) cheap office carpet. We didn't have it...
  2. NoClue97

    Preventative Maintenance 213k Miles

    I will add them to the list. Is Dexcool the go to then? I am used to buying genuine BMW and Merc coolant at $25/ gallon, so it doesn't bother me too much. Unless the normal green will work since I can find it at Ace on sale for like $6/ gallon? This is also very true!! This is one of the...
  3. NoClue97

    Preventative Maintenance 213k Miles

    Excellent info, thanks. It's good you were able to fix it quick and easy with no tow truck!! I will add that to the list. Should I also do the plastic connectors that are on the lower radiator hose on the passenger side? Any thoughts on a rear AC delete/ block off? My front AC is currently...
  4. NoClue97

    Preventative Maintenance 213k Miles

    Hey guys, I just got a 2002 Suburban LT with 213,000 miles. My 2002 Escalade has had issues since I got it and has now been parked with this cheaper Suburban as the part time replacement. Looking around these forums there doesn’t seem to be much that is scaring people with these trucks unlike...
  5. NoClue97

    Will be doing the '19-'21 Big brake upgrade on my '00 Tahoe.

    Not to hijack the thread but would you say the hyrdoboost makes a big difference then? Debating whether to do GMT900 brakes or hyrdroboost swap for my 02 Suburban first.
  6. NoClue97

    Upgrade Bose system with better speakers but keep the Bose amp?

    This is what I have heard also, Bose being much lower ohm speakers. Either spend more money for lower ohm speakers and still be limited by Bose amp or spend more money for an amp to properly drive the most likely 4 ohm speakers.
  7. NoClue97

    Rocker Switch backlight.

    The illumination or dimmer wire for the radio should work. Not sure where you're putting the switches, might be close by.
  8. NoClue97

    No More EGR Block Off Plates?

    I know I think about 2020 in the Euro scene the government went really crazy against tuners and no cat downpipe for the newer turbo engines. Like 3 months ago I got a full block off kit (EGR on headers, EGR on intake, and I forget the last part) on Aliexpress for $8. Now all of them on...

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