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  1. the_hoe

    Lack of power/transmission issues

    appreciate the info, however, i recently went out to mess with it again because i find it hard to just leave things alone, while doing so it struggles to even get up to speed, the exhaust is spitting fluid and there is a tick sound coming from the engine, so i think I might have an entirely...
  2. the_hoe

    Lack of power/transmission issues

    meant to say the front o2s are getting codes but should not be since they are new, my apologies
  3. the_hoe

    Lack of power/transmission issues

    Quite confused on current issue with the car, for background it is a 1999 4wd 4 door tahoe, currently has headers, cat delete, rear o2 delete, egr delete, corvette servo, cut the restrictor plate off the throttle blade, and a tune from blackbear, im currenty experiencing a loss of power / lack...
  4. the_hoe

    Radio disconnected?

    bought a 99 Tahoe two weeks ago, I installed a new radio due to the old stock one not working, all my connections are correct and in, but it doesn't have any power going to it is how it looks, I called the owner before me and he said the mechanic disconnected it from the wiring harness, does...

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