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  1. 04whitetahoe

    Any South Florida Members?

    Lived in Cooper City in 1986, moving to Venice in January!
  2. 04whitetahoe

    2004 Tahoe Mass Air Flow Sensor - MAF Swap

    2004 Tahoe Mass Air Flow Sensor - MAF Swap I know this is pretty simple stuff for those who are mechanically inclined, but I decided to make this a tech write up in case it helps someone out that could use it. My engine light on went on and when I (my son) checked it with OBD reader, it...
  3. 04whitetahoe

    Steering pulls left

    All that has been mentioned and....... Hi There, I would do all that has been previously mentioned like the 4 wheel alignment, check again (by someone else) for worn parts, tire pressure, tire/frame damage and... Rotate your tires to see if that changes it. Let us know the fix! Joe...
  4. 04whitetahoe

    upgrading radio in 2004 Yukon

    Here's what I did - 04 Tahoe Hey Jeff, Here's my audio upgrade thread. You might find some useful information there for your upgrade. It is a good idea to do as many searches as you can to get an idea of what you want...
  5. 04whitetahoe

    Alternator recomendation needed

    List of alternators and shops to get them Hey Joe, Take a look at my post in this thread for many alternator choices. The only limit is your pocketbook! :boti: BTW - - the DC power alternator you show is NICE! I don't have...
  6. 04whitetahoe

    Changing out rear differential fluid myself today! Any input

    Diff oil change Hey there, I did a write up when I changed mine: :) Joe
  7. 04whitetahoe

    Torq Thrust ST offset and/or pics

    Hey Justin, Here's what I put on my Tahoe. :boti: Joe
  8. 04whitetahoe

    New install

    Nice Thomas!
  9. 04whitetahoe

    Amp&cap mounting location ideas/pics wanted

    Hey Chris, I did the same thing (and still need to clean it up), but it looks like you have it were everyone puts them. I cut out some thin plywood and mounted the amp to the plywood and used heavy duty carpet Velcro to attach the wood to the carpet. The look of the raised mount looks...
  10. 04whitetahoe

    My New project

    Nice work Shawn!!!! You did a beautiful job!! Way to go. Looks real clean and professional. Congrats. Joe
  11. 04whitetahoe

    Audio System Upgrade Thread 04 Tahoe

    Yep Hey Jon, No alternator problems or electrical. Yea, it's really easy to snap the plastic stuff. Take your time and once you see how it all works together, it goes easier. Use a set of nylon pry tools and know where your bolts are to get the door panels off. On my passenger...
  12. 04whitetahoe

    Audio System Upgrade Thread 04 Tahoe

    Big 3, Wires, Alternator, Capacitor, Battery _____________________________________________________________ Hey Guys, from what it looks like in this reading:
  13. 04whitetahoe

    CRUX Interfaces

    I'm using one. It works just fine (once I got it hooked up right). I got mine at 50% (about $70) off with HU. Seems to be of good quality and gets pretty good reviews. 4/5 (37 reviewers) @ Crutchfield. Joe
  14. 04whitetahoe

    Powder Coated Rotors!

    Looks good Brian!!
  15. 04whitetahoe

    Audio System Upgrade Thread 04 Tahoe

    Nope Hey Pedro, Thanks, I don't have any voltage drop problems - I do have a 145 amp alternator, new AGM battery, Big 3 upgrade, big wires and don't run at full blast which might have something to do with it, but no voltage issues!! Glad for that!! :D ---------- Post added at 07:57 AM...
  16. 04whitetahoe

    Do I need anything else?

    Hey Wayne, Assuming you are only replacing your head unit and wiring into all of the stock components, it seems like you have everything, but I just wanted to mention a soldering iron, appropriate solder (60/40 rosin core, I used Kester 44), heat shrink tubing and heat gun, a good wire cutter...
  17. 04whitetahoe

    Mods I'm considering

    Hit the Lotto!! I've always thought hitting the lottery would be the BEST place to start!! :happy160: You've got some great ideas!! Make sure to post photos. Joe
  18. 04whitetahoe

    Thinking about new wheels, trying to decide between these 2

    1st picture for me! (American Racing AR893 Mainline)
  19. 04whitetahoe

    Audio System Upgrade Thread 04 Tahoe

    Steering wheel controls working! Got my steering wheel controls working, so wanted to share this if anyone else comes across this same issue, maybe this could help. I thought it was programming or even my unit was bad, but it turned out the simplest thing was the cause - The remote control...
  20. 04whitetahoe

    Anybody deal with Sonic Electronix?

    Go with the newer model 5600 if $$ is close Hey Wayne, I bought a sub box from Sonic and tried to return/get an RMA - literally spoke to someone there two different times, never go it - I just gave the box to my son. I believe I have dealt with them before and had good luck. Their...
  21. 04whitetahoe

    Audio System Upgrade Thread 04 Tahoe

    More Hey Shawn, I will contact you on the adjustments (it will be a while) and I have not sealed the big holes. Man - you like to make me work!! LOL Hey Wayne, I really like the head unit – I have not used all of the options available on the unit, but I will comment on what I have...
  22. 04whitetahoe

    Audio System Upgrade Thread 04 Tahoe

    Yes Hey Shawn - YES! It's nice to have this forum to bounce ideas off others who have direct experience on our projects. I appreciate the advice and dialogue. Joe
  23. 04whitetahoe

    Brake pedal removal

    Good Info!!! Thanks for the write up!!
  24. 04whitetahoe

    Brake Caliper Paint Thread 04 Tahoe

    Now I need to get to the fronts!! Thanks Jae - Now I need to make time to get to the fronts!! I'm thinking I'll try to shortcut the process a bit by leaving the bracket on the car and paint it there. I'll have to see how that might work. I'm also thinking I'll do the cleaning in two...
  25. 04whitetahoe

    Audio System Upgrade Thread 04 Tahoe

    Thanks Jon - may be digging back in a little this weekend Thanks Jon, I may be doing a couple updates this weekend. :grd: I still need to program my steering wheel controls and make my wiring runs look cleaner, which means pulling my rear interior back apart. It has been...