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  1. Eagle01

    Eagle is back, sort of.

    What, you dont do all your own diagnostics and repairs with the inpa and DIS instead of going to dealership?? It’s the only way to fly! Between the factory diagnostic tools downloadable online and the OEM parts availability, if you can diy, and don’t pay ///M tax, 3 series are pretty...
  2. Eagle01

    Eagle is back, sort of.

    It’s I, back from The dead. Lost my old account (email address from back then no longer exists so account is unrecoverable) but saw tonight while googling something Escalade related that TYF DIY was also an unfortunate victim of photobucket greed, resulting in photobucket being purged and...
  3. Eagle01

    DIY: Tahoe Rear Brakes

    unfortunately that is the case. fortunately I did eventually manage to recover copies I think of most of them into my iCloud and will try to put them back in the thread, though as I’ve lost my original username and account and can’t recover it, I can’t edit them back in. Maybe a mod can do so...