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  1. tRidiot

    Left Driver Side Front Door Panel 2004 Gmc Is broken

    I think from looking it is the plastic retainer on the door panel side for that piece, where it attaches on the posterior portion to the door panel. I have that problem on both sides, you have to replace the panel. <sigh> There's not a replaceable clip there, it's a plastic piece that's molded...
  2. tRidiot

    Upgrade Bose system with better speakers but keep the Bose amp?

    Alpine has higher end stuff and they have stuff for the masses. The cheap stuff is just that - cheap. Pioneer has always had cheap flea market stuff, and they've had the ODR incredibly top of the line stuff, too. Lots of "you get what you pay for" when it comes to audio. There are some...
  3. tRidiot

    Factory Grille Modification

    I really like it - if I ever actually get around to fixing my truck up, I'll want to do something like this.
  4. tRidiot


    I don't think you're going to get much. You can't verify the mileage, the cluster was swapped without being programmed properly. Paint is shot. Rust I can see on corner of hood and wheels. That has to be addressed in your climate or it's gonna get bad and probably quick. I'd wager underneath is...
  5. tRidiot

    How do you replace lower ball joint?

    I don't know how you find out this information - I mean it's not like AC Delco tells you that Moog is a manufacturer supplying the parts to them, is it? I dunno. It is good to know, though, that if I do go with Moog (which I was seriously considering before), the CK is indeed good enough to...
  6. tRidiot

    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Wow that looks killer! Not just the wrap, but the whole ride!
  7. tRidiot

    How do you replace lower ball joint?

    That was exactly my question! I was looking at a full front end rebuild, but life concerns got in the way and funds had to be redirected. :(
  8. tRidiot

    Headlights, aftermarket, reviews?

    I've had the Depos since Oct 13, 2017. They work fine.
  9. tRidiot

    welded on dor hinge replacement

    I think I saw somewhere that to do it properly you have to pull the dash to mount that backing plate behind the dash. Can anyone verify this?
  10. tRidiot

    Rebuiding my front end - upgrades?

    If I had a place to do it, I'd try it myself. But, my garage doesn't have room, and my driveway is sloped. Not much other option. I know in some bigger cities they have places you can rent shop space and I think even tools. Man, if we had that here, I'd jump on it. <sigh> <edit> At this point...
  11. tRidiot

    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    I've got one sitting in my garage for a year now. Was gonna do it when we did my motor and trans, but we didn't get around to dropping the tank and swapping it out. Was gonna get it done at a later date. Then my mechanic died. :owned:
  12. tRidiot

    Climate Control Panel Buttons

    I'd love to have one with blue instead of the dated ugly green. And all the other dash, steering wheel and other lights.
  13. tRidiot

    2003 Tahoe TPMS and Traction control

    It was on my 2004. I think it probably was on your 2003 as well.
  14. tRidiot

    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Don't get me wrong... I LOVE my truck. I would LOVE to totally restore it to like new factory condition - new interior, new paint, new front end, etc. I just don't know I have the time, money, patience, and if it's really worth it or possible.
  15. tRidiot

    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    I guess mine may not be that bad - the paint is showing some oxidation, not peeling clearcoat or anything YET. But it doesn't look like something I want to tackle - looks like a lot of cussing from me would ensue. And so many other things to fix, it seems a stupid thing to spend several hundred...
  16. tRidiot

    AC Heat Actuator Blend Doors, 05 Tahoe, SOLVED

    Maybe one of us could send you one? How much through Rock Auto?
  17. tRidiot

    Pulling after 3 alignments

    How bad is this pulling? Severe or mild/minimal? Mine is pulling left one day, pulling right the next, more left than right, it seems. But I've been told I need some ball joints and wheel bearing, I just haven't been able to bring myself to drop 1-2k on repair or complete rebuild. :(
  18. tRidiot

    Another HVAC POST

    Jeez, what a nightmare. I don't understand how Dorman stuff is so SH***Y. And how they haven't been sued out of business.
  19. tRidiot

    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Yeah after watching some YouTube videos and such, I've decided it's not for me - not for ME to do, anyways. If I do it, I'll pay someone, but given also what I saw about putting wrap over bad paint, I doubt anyone will want to do it. Apparently, I thought it would cover up defects, but it also...
  20. tRidiot

    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    That looks nice. How hard is it to do a wrap? I'd have to remove my roof rack, but as bad as my paint is getting, I might consider wrapping my roof and my hood, say in carbon fiber or something, since mine's black already. For today, I just swapped out all three wiper arms, that was a quick...
  21. tRidiot

    Wiper arm stand up for snow?

    Well, I did it. Easy stuff. All three brand new, shouldn't have to worry about it for another... oh, 18 years or so. <edit> And yes, the Dorman arms stand up.
  22. tRidiot

    Wiper arm stand up for snow?

    I bought 3 new arms, both front and the rear. I guess I oughtta go put 'em on. Those same ones, from Dorman. <edit> I should add, they show the same model numbers for 2002-2006, the 2001 are different.
  23. tRidiot

    $5.43/Gallon. Driving like Grandma from now on!

    According to this website, California's average gas prices today at $5.91. Similarly, the Oklahoma page shows us at $3.77 average. Just one more reason...
  24. tRidiot

    Hvac help

    Oh my God, I started off looking for a 9V battery adapter with those open-pin terminated ends - now I've been down a rabbit hole looking at wire termination tools for quite literally 3 hours, ending up reading about Dupont connectors and the variable quality of the crimps offered by tools going...
  25. tRidiot

    Rear hvac temperature control works slowly/intermittently

    Blend doors... the bane of our GMT800 existence.