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  1. YukonXL04

    LED Taillights How to on Barn door models

    Congrats on finding a bolt on set. There were others that could fit without any mods, but I didn't care for the style. I liked the clean look of the ones I used. I sold that yukon about a year ago, the tail lights worked and looked great still.
  2. YukonXL04

    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Not bad at all. It's worth more to me as a running vehicle that what I would get on trade or selling it. So its gonna hang around and be used seldom
  3. YukonXL04

    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    I started mine the other day... been about a month lol. Wife got a new suburban so this one has just been sitting as a backup vehicle. 04 with 122k miles ain't bad hahaha I do need to go drive it some though
  4. YukonXL04

    Dual 6.5 Up Front

    Yes you can do that just fine. Also you can hook your rears up to the rear speaker outs on the radio if you still want some rear sound.
  5. YukonXL04

    SLP Single Tips

    So they are 3.5" in or out?
  6. YukonXL04

    HD Conversion/Sierra Bumper?

    Yea you just have a slightly different shape at the bottom of the grill where it meets the bumper like the picture above. 99-02 sierra and 00-06 yukons are the same grill. 03-06 Sierra have the grill pictured above.
  7. YukonXL04

    HD Conversion/Sierra Bumper?

    Really you just have to get a 03-06 sierra grill. Same as the HD without the black trim at the bottom
  8. YukonXL04

    HD Conversion/Sierra Bumper?

    Pretty sure all the 00-06 sierra and yukon grills can interchange. The HD gmc grill is the same has half ton I believe
  9. YukonXL04

    LED Taillights How to on Barn door models

    Hey Tom, Unfortunately those lights wont work. The reverse light will hit the door hinge. You have to fine some where there is a reflector down low and make clearance
  10. YukonXL04

    [Question] Trailer Plug Bypass

    As far as I know, the trailer lights have no connection to the tow haul button. As others have said, mine work regardless of tow haul. And I never use tow haul unless it's something really heavy. 5000lbs or less I dont bother as I dont like the higher shift points. You have independent fuses for...
  11. YukonXL04

    2018 RST 6.2 Exhaust Options

    I did a borla xr-1 3.5" muffler on my new 6.2. Had them delete the flapper valve and the resonator. Sounds awesome. Muffler was $145 Exhaust shop charged 120 for install and res delete with 3.5" pipe
  12. YukonXL04

    Radio Question

    Mine is an 04, SLE, didnt show names. My aunts 03 LT suburban does show names
  13. YukonXL04

    Radio Question

    Its simply the CD. If it's a burned CD, then you have to add that information in certain areas of the song description before burning the CD
  14. YukonXL04

    yukon amber turn marker question

    You can open them and remove the amber, but there are notches and a recessed part now visible. Imo it doesn't look right. I tried when mine were apart. Might be able to see what I'm talking about in this pic 20141012 154132 by YukonXL04 posted Oct 12, 2014 at 7:31 PM
  15. YukonXL04

    Escalade rear vent caps on Tahoe

    I'm with you... I have seen white ones, and it just stands out too much. I prefer a little more subtle. Just like on a white Yukon I dont like a white gmc emblem... I much prefer my black one
  16. YukonXL04

    LED Headlight's too much info.

    Well yea... I haven't had a halogen headlight bulb in any of my vehicles in probably 8-10 years... wouldn't even know the lifespan anymore. My 87 c10 still has halogen bulbs, but I dont drive it at night, and I haven't gotten around to doing a projector retrofit yet. But once you go to actual...
  17. YukonXL04

    LED Headlight's too much info.

    Good lord! I have had the same 4 hid bulbs and ballasts in my yukon for the past 4 or 5 years. But they are all TRS brand. I wonder how the TRS LEDs do
  18. YukonXL04

    LED Headlights → Supernova V.3

    Meh, they are decent for a bulb swap... but a simple mini h1 retro and hids appear to be far superior in terms of beam pattern. Might try a set on my 4 wheeler bulbs though. Looking into led projectors for it though
  19. YukonXL04

    Aftermarket Accessory Switches

    I have a switch setup I have put in yet but I'm saving it incase I need it. Someone rewired a 4x4 switch to act as 4 individual switches. So I can put that in and have 4 extra switches that appear as a stock switch. Mine is a 4x2 btw.
  20. YukonXL04

    Vanquish vs. XenonDepot

    Morimoto hid ftw. Nuff said.
  21. YukonXL04

    Filter Sub and Tweeter inputs

    Oh yea those speakers just suck lol... pretty well have to run the high pass at 100hz or so. I bought those for like $25 a pair to put in my truck when I sold it so I could keep my alpine type r components. Those kickers were just plain horrible lol. Eh 01 Tahoe? Might have the factory amp. I...
  22. YukonXL04

    Filter Sub and Tweeter inputs

    Your rear door speakers and rear pillar speakers are wired together... just leave it that way and bridge ch5+6 to the sub if it's a svc 4 ohm sub
  23. YukonXL04

    Yukon XL under seat Subwoofer box

    Yea I only have 2 kids. And I never use my 3rd row so I removed it.
  24. YukonXL04

    Yukon XL under seat Subwoofer box

    I abandoned the idea in favor of more bass. But i downfired my 4 12s into that footwell. Works out great!20161006_125914 by YukonXL04 posted Jun 7, 2017 at 8:19 AM20161006_124240 by YukonXL04 posted Jun 7, 2017 at 8:19 AM
  25. YukonXL04

    Lets see those big systems!

    Good deal. Just doesn't look like 6 cubes.