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  1. SSpinball

    Denali Grill

    Denali chrome grill for sale, $220 with Red GMC Emblem, no damage/ no scratches to grill, outer trim was broken in Texas.
  2. SSpinball

    **ACCIDENT PHOTOS FOUND**Looking to buy 2011 GMC Yukon XL, need your advice!!!

    I recently bought a salvage title loaded Yukon Denali, it was totaled because of wreck in the front end sheet metal, no damage to frame, 6.2 motor ! I removed damaged hood and fender and grill, replaced radiator and a few smaller parts plus steering wheel air bag, all good now working out...
  3. SSpinball

    Which oil and weight 2017 Tahoe

    thanks for the information !
  4. SSpinball

    Nitrogen filled tires

    4 green valve caps, seem alot cheaper !
  5. SSpinball

    2022 TPMS

    if correct frequency for the model year they will work.
  6. SSpinball

    Has anyone installed these Morimoto headlights...

    Morimoto are some of the best available, but pricey !
  7. SSpinball

    DIY: Make 2015-2017 LS/LT headlights operate like a LTZ headlight (LED as DRL vice low beams)

    great write up, and information. exactly what I was looking for ! Thanks !
  8. SSpinball


    Never did hear anything on the stolen Escalade ? that sucks !
  9. SSpinball

    my ride

    my ride 2017 Tahoe LT SS
  10. SSpinball

    My Project Tahoe

    bouncing is shocks, or lack of good shocks.
  11. SSpinball

    Anyone make a toolbox from the shallow cargo box?

    I hate that cargo box, stops you from loading anything large. for sale if interested!
  12. SSpinball

    HID to Halogen conversion

    Led and be done.
  13. SSpinball

    TPMS - Part Number 2015-2020 vs 2021+

    different frequency. just swapped out sensors.
  14. SSpinball

    2019 YUKON - Halogen to Xenon or LED?

    Led easier less current draw, just as bright !
  15. SSpinball

    Debadge or not debadge, that is the question…

    I prefer to Debadge, ...and then Rebadge ! can't tell you how many people ask, "I didn't know they made an SS Tahoe" ! my response "they don't, but I do" !
  16. SSpinball

    LED headlight success?

    replaced with LED, no problems on several suburban /tahoes.
  17. SSpinball

    LED Headlights Discussion

    virtually any Led will be better than gm Halogen headlights, they are terrible !
  18. SSpinball

    Deciding on Rims

    Chrome wheels especially on white !
  19. SSpinball

    Denali Grill

    opps duplicate trying to delete.
  20. SSpinball

    2015 Denali vs 2016 Tahoe

    my deciding factor was interior color, 80% suv's are black interior maybe less in Denali, once you have brown interior, you will need consider a black interior SUV again, especially in hot climate areas.
  21. SSpinball

    WTB 3rd row

    I have a tan 3rd row in Austin, and storage compartment that mount behind the 3rd seat.
  22. SSpinball

    Cheap and Easy Mods - 2016 Yukon SLT

    definitely upgrade the headlights !
  23. SSpinball

    2018 Tahoe Stolen

    is it that easy for them to access the new keyless vehicles ?
  24. SSpinball

    Common / Easy upgrades for Tahoe? (2018)

    definitely upgrade the headlights, gm headlights are terrible, I installed LED lights world of difference.
  25. SSpinball

    Common / Easy upgrades for Tahoe? (2018)

    each state has regulations for how dark you can tint windows legally, be aware of that before you tint your windows dark.