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  1. BlizzardX23

    auto ride

    Yes...pulling the fuse called "RTD" is how to bypass the air-ride Step 1 - Disconnect your battery Step 2 - Pull the RTD fuse Step 3 - Reconnect your battery Step 4 - Start truck and make sure no faults are displayed ^--- Thats how I did it without sending faults to my computer ---^
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    Stock 03 Yukon Denali 33's?

    Yes, The 00-06 Denalis come with torsion bars. You can crank the torsions to gain a few more inches of lift...or get new torsion keys. As well, there are kits that can raise your Denali. The OEM "AIR RIDE" is a load leveling system. You put a trailer behind it, it adds air to level the truck...
  3. BlizzardX23

    Ranch Hand Bumpers

    Thread Moved* To be honest, I'd check Ebay or Craigslist
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    BlizzardX23's M35A2 Deuce!

    ---------- Post added at 09:35 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:29 AM ---------- Me and Clean pulled the railroad ties outta the side of the yard which was a base for our boat to park on...loaded them plus a shit load of dirt into the back, spent an hour at the dump unloading with a...
  5. BlizzardX23

    Help me build my suspension..

    Yes they do...I have 16s and spindles....the same drop spindles I was using when I had my 22s Take a grinder and grind off the excess bolt and file the nut to take off the edge...its easy, dont let people tell you its hard, or will be unsafe..they dont know what they are talking
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    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    you got an OBDII, killer?
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    Pretty Intense Modded z71

    yep, the center console has Police scanner, siren, police lights Hes in the Fire Department
  8. BlizzardX23

    JK Familiar Tahoe

    Either JK already gave them permission to use his picture, or that is major copyright problems and StylinTrucks fcked themself... ---------- Post added at 12:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:19 PM ---------- I just reported it to JK....Im pretty sure a company that size went about...
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    Northern California or Nevada?

    I also would like a re-tune lol
  10. BlizzardX23

    BlizzardX23's M35A2 Deuce!

    Yea, the "Bobbed Deuce" is pretty popular amongst MV owners...I really like the 6x6 though...eventhough the bobbed deuces are pretty bad ass!
  11. BlizzardX23

    BlizzardX23's M35A2 Deuce!

    lol...hate all you guys want...this thing is going to be bad ass when I take it to Prairie City! ---------- Post added at 10:28 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:10 AM ---------- ICKLGYs8CE8
  12. BlizzardX23

    BlizzardX23's M35A2 Deuce!

    nah...not transporting it...I bought it The truck runs on everything lol....gas, diesel, used/waste motor oil (WMO), kerosene, veggie oil....its so bad ass! lol...multi-fuel engine
  13. BlizzardX23

    BlizzardX23's M35A2 Deuce!

    I did 60mph all the way from LA (GPS recorded) It gets between 8-11mpg yes, its street legal
  14. BlizzardX23

    BlizzardX23's M35A2 Deuce!

    lol...I wanna take this thing to Folsom hahah...I wanna place a jetski in the bed, and back the truck in till it floats off! hahaha I just upgraded the tires...check it out! And its not missing the parking brake...its supposed to be a chock block...or wheel chock...I dont have a rubber one...
  15. BlizzardX23

    BlizzardX23's M35A2 Deuce!

    Heres the surprise for most..drove it from LA to Sacramento last night! :D Be back in a bit...Im gonna get run some errands in it...and get it registered! UPDATE - NEW TIRES
  16. BlizzardX23

    Getting so sick of a bad ride in the tahoe

    I have a shitty ride too...its horrible...I cant even hit a speed bump at 15mph without the front end going up then scraping the street...and the back pops up then down fast too...I can do 25mph over speed bumps and not feel ANYTHING in our F150...and my Moms BMW Z4...does it with no problem...
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    P0332 (Knock Sensors) Throwing Engine Code

    Thanks for all the great info and numbers! Funny story...after I replaced the sensors and harness leading to the sensors...the codes came back a month or so later...however, I am not sure why...maybe I need to install a new harness further back...not just the ones leading to the sensor...since...
  18. BlizzardX23

    Custom Center Console Build *With PICS*

    Damn...havent updated this for a bit...finally got around to carpeting the console...its nice....close in color...not Im going to leather wrap the face where the 110 plugs OE color leather to give it a more stock feel...then I need to build a front console since I ripped my...
  19. BlizzardX23

    Who is lowered on 16's?

    I know this is a month late..but here you go I also know yours is no longer with us...but you'll be replacing it soon enough with an NNBS (I've been thinking of upgrading to an NNBS) :) This pic is just for anyone else wanting to know what it looks like
  20. BlizzardX23

    Wrecked the Tahoe, stuff for sale... :(

    Like everyone else to hear bout the truck, but glad your ok!
  21. BlizzardX23

    Blizzardx23's Pick-n-Pull thread

    That would be pretty damn expensive....The motor might just be a couple grand...maybe $2k-$3k...but shipping that? or would you pick it up?
  22. BlizzardX23

    Blizzardx23's Pick-n-Pull thread

    $80 plus shipping That whole chrome grill is all one piece...I've been searching for a while, but all the Denali's have front end damage... =/ Have you seen them somewhere separate? Sorry...Schools kept me so busy...just finished a food segment and now I have to go to San Francisco to...
  23. BlizzardX23

    clean95's 26's

    ugly ass DONK....I'm submitting this disaster to DONK magazine...they'd probly put this bish on the front cover:emotions122::emotions122:
  24. BlizzardX23

    2007 & Up: Bully Dog GT, Fiberglass Cowl

    Damn, that cowl is nice! :)