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  1. BentleyArnage

    p1518 intake manifold runner control fault stuck open

    You are probably correct, yet the code remains. I would then default to the throttle assembly.
  2. BentleyArnage

    p1518 intake manifold runner control fault stuck open

    It's not the throttle body. It's the variable length manifold assembly. You may have a hose that's broken or the inside has broken up and isn't moving from low to high RPM setting as it should. On BMW, it's called the DISA valve and they get brittle, break up and mess with the intake valves. On...
  3. BentleyArnage

    Rear disc brake issue- need advise

    Oops! What you're getting is ABS application. When you compressed the caliper, you allowed old nasty brake fluid to get back to the ABS manifold. Now those little valves and such are stuck, causing the thumping noise. In the future, open the bleeder when compressing the caliper piston. You can...
  4. BentleyArnage

    Dreaded P0300 possibly solved

    What you learn working on a Chevy will work on just about every other Chevy. Recently, one of the fleet trucks we service had a TPS code with failsafe (power derate). It's an 8.1 in a Kodiak. We found the sensor to be bad and replaced it with an aftermarket unit. It worked for a day or two, then...
  5. BentleyArnage

    I need help please on abs- **SOLVED**

    On the newer trans, the input speed sensor is in the trans. The output is in the tailshaft or the T-case. If you have a 4L80E, there's an output sensor in the case as well.
  6. BentleyArnage

    Replace 5.3 l59 with this....

    Now I don't remember what we were talking about. Might have been in error. On another note, are you in Denver? Mile high elevation. Like they say in Denver, joining the mile high club is no big thing. You can get some on the steps at city hall and join the club.
  7. BentleyArnage

    PO307 code

    Good advice. However, it is likely there's an issue with the fuel injector, given the new ignition parts. Do recheck them. I've seen cracked plugs and other things bugger up a diagnostic. I'd be looking at fuel trims, do a cylinder kill from the injector and of course, a compression check. The...
  8. BentleyArnage

    Home built 4L60E beast

    Been building these professionally for 40 years now. There's a great parts list to make one bulletproof. Start with a triple disc billet converter that's guestimated at 2500 stall. Get a Transgo HD-2 shift kit. Get the wide band in red or kevlar. New reverse input drum. 4L79 input drum with no...
  9. BentleyArnage

    Replace 5.3 l59 with this....

    An RV grind cam is perfect for one of these. With good exhaust and a decent airbox, they pull pretty well for a shrimp of a motor. I'll be installing a 6.0 when this one dies.
  10. BentleyArnage

    Replace 5.3 l59 with this....

    Oh hell, another islander. You'll be seeing my Bentley cruising the island soon. Just started resurrecting her. If you need the big bad scanner, get in touch. I carry it with me everywhere.
  11. BentleyArnage

    Help diagnosing two issues 1) misfiring/stumbling 2) coolant loss

    Coil packs are a huge issue on these. I'm replacing all of mine. I get the occasional random misfire, but once in a while I get the flashing check engine light which is for misfires. Back out of the throttle and baby it if you get one of those or you'll melt the cats. It's called a thermal...
  12. BentleyArnage

    03 hard shift 1-2 4l60

    It's likely that the accumulator is suffering from a broken spring. I'll agree with the possibility of silicone in the relief hole at the pan gasket. I'm getting the same thing you're getting. I'm putting a Transgo HD-2 shift kit in the trans. I love them for towing and the converter lockup...
  13. BentleyArnage

    Downside to installing the Corvette Servo?

    The sunshell problem was caused by the brake to shift modification shoved up our collective asses by government fiat in 1993. They never broke before then. Locking the brakes and applying 1st gear, many times when cold, high RPM during warm up is what tears them up. This isn't the only trans...
  14. BentleyArnage

    Downside to installing the Corvette Servo?

    After building thousands of these transmissions in the last 40 years, I'll tell you how this works. The Vette servo doesn't really make it shift harder. It just has a lot more holding power. The Sonnax servo has even more holding power. You get harder shift feel through the accumulator and the...
  15. BentleyArnage

    Easy 4-Hi mod - Simple All High Chip 03-06 model years

    You think that would work on a 2002? If not, what's the method for the older trucks?
  16. BentleyArnage

    Factory subwoofer

    Great advice guys. So my first small project while recovering from neck surgery was to install the Kicker 8' sub bass. I had to hog out the box for the sub to fit. The old dremel did the trick. Used some wood screws to secure the sub and in it went. The sound is great. Dialed it back a bunch. I...
  17. BentleyArnage

    Interior electrical problems

    If you're without power after a hard reset, you may have blown a big fuse. That's not the normal reaction to a battery disconnect. BCM may be a problem, but you'd see some communication errors crop up on a scan. That's another reason you can't use a cheap scanner. They don't address can buss...
  18. BentleyArnage

    Subwoofer Question

    Cheap trick for the sub box. Fill it with pink insulation. It tricks the speaker into thinking the box is bigger. We did this 30 years ago. It should still be good advice.
  19. BentleyArnage

    Interior electrical problems

    Disconnect the battery and touch the terminal ends together. Not on the battery. The disconnected positive and negative cables. It will wipe out the memory. Hook it back up and see what happens. If it doesn't know the driver, then you have something going on with the key and the steering hub. I...
  20. BentleyArnage

    02 Tahoe Air Ride

    Just picked up an 02 air ride Tahoe. I love it! First thing I did was eliminate the computer pressure control on the power steering. My last Tahoe nearly killed me with that shit locking up and put me in a snowbank and over on my lid. (put her back on her feet and off she went) None of the...
  21. BentleyArnage

    Not sure if my DIC is working

    I do too. Grew up in Hollywood. We'd run into him at the grocery store. He'd scare the shit out of my mom. I'd laugh all the way home.
  22. BentleyArnage

    Not sure if my DIC is working

    Ask your wife?
  23. BentleyArnage

    Coolant. Total end of discussion.

    The reason it has to be flushed and replaced often is that it becomes acidic. It also precipitates, which is just like a very fine wine. The older it is, the more precipitant there is in your cooling system. You can't see into your radiator. The old radiators where we could take the tanks off...
  24. BentleyArnage

    Coolant. Total end of discussion.

    Interesting article. While nothing is perfect, with these aluminum engines, we're seeing a lot less corrosion. A Rolls-Royce motor has wet liners. The Orings deteriorate over time. They have weep holes so you can watch your coolant pissing out under pressure. Not with this coolant. The article...
  25. BentleyArnage

    Coolant. Total end of discussion.

    Hi everyone! Recently, I was commenting on what I use for coolant instead of Dexcrap. I must be brain addled. True, I have been using Pentofrost Blue in all my rolling stock and the Toyota red/pink that runs in the semi trucks for the HD diesels we work on. The thread got me thinking, what the...