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    Minor trimming and I had no rubbing. I can’t remember the measurements off the top of my head. Unfortunately I’m in Korea right now and won’t be home until July to measure lol
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    Fuel pump?

    I agree!
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    3 years now

    I've never used these myself, but they make a "tire cradle" to help prevent flat spots in your tires after sitting for a while. Could be worth the investment..
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    Fuel pump?

    6 years later... I should hope he did. lol
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    My 03 W/ RoughCountry 6inch

    Looks good man!
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    e'05 Tahoe Z71 - rear sway bar links with 3/4 spacers?

    When I rebuilt my entire suspension I used MOOG end links. They have grease fittings on them too. I'm running Z71 springs in my LS and it rides good.
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    Awesome Deals on tool and parts

    Good idea! I'm always looking for great deals on tools!
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    Rear Diff Cover Bolts?
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    She's a beauty. Those wheels look great.
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    Z71 coil springs, keys, Bilstein 5100's all around
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    I'm running 2" Rough Country spacers on my 01. I have 2013 wheels with 275/75R18 BFG's. Minor trimming of the fender well plastic and I was good to go. The tires do stick out past the fenders just a little, but it still looks good. Been running this setup for 10,000 miles now with zero issues...
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    [Q] 2 in RC lift + tires

    Looking for $100 plus shipping. Located at Fort Eustis, VA. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Abs module

    Just have yours rebuilt. Pull your module out, use a rubber glove to cover the opening, and send it out to be rebuilt. I used BBA Reman.
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    Your ugly tails

    I have some OEM's off my 2001. Still buying?
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    [Q] 2 in RC lift + tires

    I actually have that exact kit for sale. I had it on my Tahoe for roughly 20,000 miles. I'll give you a great deal on it. With this leveling kit I was running BF Goodrich AT's 275/70R18 on 2013 Z71 wheels. You could definitely run the stock wheels with a bigger tire.
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    Torsion Bar Crossmember Bushing Replacement

    Yes, I noticed a clunking sound when hitting bumps. Also, the bad bushings were causing the crossmember to sit at an angle. The tension from the keys is a lot on the rubber bushing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Torsion Bar Crossmember Bushing Replacement

    Part Number: 20829013 I paid $43.94 each.
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    Leaning to the left.. problem or normal

    How much of a lean are we talking? A few inches? x2 on the shock swap...
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    New member from NY 04 Tahoe

    Those wheels are gonna look good on your 04 Tahoe. Post up some pics after they are on!
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    2004 Tahoe LT Front Suspension technical knowledge help needed.

    I just finished replacing everything suspension/steering wise in my 2001 Tahoe. I used Moog for everything, they have a great warrenty. Check out for some good deals. I went ahead and replaced all 4 control arms, which came with the ball joints already pressed in. I also replaced...
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    Power Steering

    I would buy at least 2 quarts. If you buy more than 2 and don't need them all, return one.
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    Torsion Bar Crossmember Bushing Replacement

    Now you're ready to press in the new bushings. For the passenger side I used a piece from my HF ball joint kit to drive the bushing in. Now the drivers side was a while different story... The frame does not allow any room to drive in that bushing. Using a threaded rod, some washers, a couple...
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    Torsion Bar Crossmember Bushing Replacement

    After doing some research I found that no one has a good write up on the replacement of the torsion bar crossmember bushings. The rubber in the bushing cracks and allows the whole crossmember to sit at an angle and sometimes makes a clunking sound when hitting bumps. I did this on my 2001 Tahoe...
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    Replaced Pitman Arm, Bleeding Power Steering?

    The vacuum pump is a lifesaver! I picked up a MityVac from Harbor Freight and the power steering adaptor from O'Reilly's. I used AC Delco fluid. Here is what I did: 1) Installed steering box and hooked up the lines (completely dry.) 2) Filled the PS reservoir with fresh fluid. 3) Hooked up...