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    Think this wheel tire combo will work.

    They will fit, but you might rub your lower control arm with the 5.5 BS.
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    As stated above you did crank your torsion bars by adding those indexed keys.
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    Rear Disc Conversion

    Waste of money to buy kits. Just buy the brackets, hoses, and some 86' 3/4 ton rotors and calipers for dirt cheap and be done with it for a couple hundred. Also throw a portioning valve in while you're at it.
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    Found a 14 Bolt SF!!!! =D

    yea, just pull the front driveshaft out until you can swap out the front gears to match the rear that way you or someone else wont accidentally put the truck into 4x4.
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    Found a 14 Bolt SF!!!! =D

    Yes 992door was correct on precision 447. I would pick one up from Summit, dirt cheap.
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    Found a 14 Bolt SF!!!! =D

    Nice job man! :peace: It's gunna be a steel driveshaft, but better yet crawl under the truck and look to see if it's rusted and my statement will be supported.
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    1999 Yukon Hard Shifting When Hot

    Its all in the valve body, the TCC bore wears out and lets fluid slip past. In return the trans gets put into "limp" mode and hards shift. They have updated kits with new sleeves along with a fresh bore on the valve it self to correct the problem. This is not only very common but it is a...
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    Police issues!

    um, no.
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    Police issues!

    mudflap requirement is because you're lifted and have oversized tires which will shoot rocks and debris at anyone driving behind you in a car. I dont know how all of you don't know about this, it's a very common issue.
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    Police issues!

    Mud flaps are a common violation, and people get them all the time. If you handled it better you probably could have gotten out of the both tickets. The noise violation is crap, but thats what happens when you respond w/ a smart answer.
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    i wanna lift

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    diesel idea

    6.5 is a turbo diesel, your thinking of the naturally aspirated 6.2
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    broke leaf springs

    You should have that shim under the block, not on top. That could have caused the stress needed to break the overload spring. I have also seen a lot of blocks with the spring angle shim mounted on top of the block get spit out from the axle. Might want to rework that setup.
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    Help me find a truck!

    I personally don't like OBS stepside trucks so I say no. However since it's something YOU want, go for it. How many miles?
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    14 Bolt Rear 4X4

    Sounds good, but are you planning to lift the truck and or run larger tires? If not that is going to be WAY too much gear for stock sized tires. Also I would not recommend running a locker for a DD, it's going to be hard on the drive line, and give you trouble in rain, snow, and turns. But...
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    Help me find a truck!

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    Won't STOP!

    exactly, and if it's worse than before i would go back and check what you replaced. I am assuming you bled the rear brakes as well?
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    Won't STOP!

    Probably an air leak, most likely at the master cylinder. Also how did you bleed the brakes? Right rear, L rear, R front, L front ?
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    Help me find a truck!

    why not spend it on the tahoe :think: stepsides are :supergay:
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    How Big Uh' Lift?!

    What the fuck???? What happened to scrapin the ground? Ditch the rims and your set, nice job man :Handshake:
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    rear differential end yoke replacement

    ^ what he said, not fun.
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    too good to be true?

    Subaru :think: How many miles does the truck have on it? Condition of transmission/mileage? Overall I'd say take a pass :imo:
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    Hmmmmm.... Interesting?!

    looks good, color match mirrors ftw!
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    10 bolt rear end, issues?

    Weakest links are the stock carrier, c-clip design, shafts, smaller brakes, and lack of pinion support. But plenty of people will find it sufficient for their applications.
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    whats the deal?

    1. you don't need to start a new thread for this, PM a mod. 2. you need to have 50 posts (it says it right on the title page of the "for sale" section)