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    Adjust ODO for new tires?

    I like to clip all my gas receipts together in the car. Would log them electronically but have not gotten that advanced yet. Newest receipt goes on top of the pile. Always fill up. Write down odometer reading and trip mileage. Write down "calculated" mpg by vehicle and then calculate it myself...
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    2018 Tahoe RST brakes pulsing at 36k.

    When you say let your transmission regulate speed. Are you referring to the natural transmission shifting to slow down the vehicle? Or manually shifting the transmission down in order to use the transmission to slow down? I would think that manually shifting the trans. would put more wear on it...
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    Transmission possibly slipping

    The fuel sending unit is the fuel pump. Just the official name for it. The 2 steel lines that come out of the top of the unit in the gas tank were rusty and had a small leak. I will get it into a transmission shop to have them check out the transmission. Coolant leak was found to be one of the...
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    Transmission possibly slipping

    Thank you for the reply. The coolant smell is indeed one of the T fittings. I ordered it and it is ready to be installed. I have been holding off because I am worried about opening up the coolant system. Do I need to worry about getting air in the system when I do this? Do I simply remove the...
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    Cleaning engine bay 2010 6.0

    Chris fix on YouTube has a really good video about washing / detailing engine bay
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    Transmission possibly slipping

    2011 Yukon Denali xl. 157k. Bought last year w/ 149k. Bought this as 3rd vehicle to mainly haul 21' TT we purchased last year. Don't drive it weekly, typically. Transmission cooler lines were replaced last year before I purchased it. Went camping to MI towing 4500lb TT a couple weeks ago...
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    Air Lift 1000 Helper Springs with OE compressor, etc.

    I know that I am digging up and old thread...found it through search. I have an '11 Denali XL and the rear shocks are blown. Not sure if the compressor even works. I tow a 21' Travel Trailer. Was thinking about converting from the air suspension to shocks but this thread has convinced me to go...
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    Air Lift Helper bag PN 60769 for sale

    I was just looking at these, I have an 11 Yukon XL Denali w/ rear air shocks. They are toast. Was thinking of possibly switching over to regular rear shocks and adding air bags since I tow a 21' travel trailer. Thoughts? I notice on etrailer it says that they do not work w/ vehicles w/...