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    1997 tahoe Bearing Hub diameter

    Hi everyone, could you tell me which is the diameter of the (rear diameter) 97 tahoe 4wd bearing hub? i googled it, but i cant find this data. Thanks!!
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    Sand dunes test and Taho v/s Cherokee race

    Testing upgrades! :head3: mtcoci1COQI
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    Detonatios when shifting /97 tahoe 5.7

    ask a person who scanned my truck, i don't know if this scanner have that option thanks!
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    Your towing pictures

    My Hoe towing about 1000kg of wood to build a cabin on the hill. I had to use the winch twice to get to the place In Caburga, Chile Regards!
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    Detonatios when shifting /97 tahoe 5.7

    Thanks, i'll test uninstalling the spacer as you say those are the kind of gasoline we use. i've test using 97 and no changes. could the knock sensor be faulty?, its all covered by oil and dust Thanks!
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    Detonatios when shifting /97 tahoe 5.7

    Hi to all! i have a 1997 tahoe 5.7 2 doors with some engine modifications (cold intake, headers, throtle body spacer, magnaflow mufflers, and lately presents a problem when shfting and when i maintain a rpm range, for example: if i speedup smootly between 1st and 2nd gear detonates, same as...
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    Chilian 97 Tahoe owner

    Thanks to all! and yeah its a wonderfoul place! i'm from santiago and i visit chiloé on my vacations (round trip 2.200 miles aprox)
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    Your Vehicles as they sit now....

    From Chile!! :beer: Pics form Cucao Beach, Chiloé Chile and Chiloé National Park (Chile) Regards!!
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    Chilian 97 Tahoe owner

    Above all, sorry for the quality of my English :favorites37: ¡¡Hi to all!! I'm Andrés Rueda from Chile, 1997 Tahoe 5.7 happy owner. Constantly i read your therads and post and watch the nice trucks you have. This is mine: I hope to learn a lot in this forum with all of you...

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