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    Cutoff mod for Depo Projector

    @OhFourChevy A couple questions. First I realize this thread is roughly 15 months old. MY projectors looks just like his do. I contacted the retrofit source a few mins ago. Did you ever go through with this or just deal with the DEPO? Also what is that front bumper? @YukonXL04 How would LEDs...
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    Depo still the one?

    Can you post a pic of the TYC lights? Google isn’t turning up much for me
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    Which jounce stops?

    Currently just leveled with RC Keys and Bilstein 5100 running stock 285/65R18 Duratracs. When these are done in about 20-25k (4 months) more miles Ill be going with either Duratracks again or Falken Wildpeak. Either tire the size with me 275/70R18. Puts is roughly at 33.5 inch tall tires with is...
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    Differences between GMT800 XL 1500 & XL 2500?

    So a 3/4 front end everything will swap right in a 1/2 ton frame but the rear will need leaf spring hangers installed on the Fran OR the 3/4 axle will need the control arm and spring mounts and a heavier spring to convert to 3/4 ton? Engine and tranny are bolt in? I heard at one time the 3/4 has...
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    No defrost...bad actuator or blend door

    That one is located on the drivers side of the center console up under the dash. It’s easy to fix and I have one sitting here brand new I’ll make you a deal on. I bought it for mine but it ended up being the control board.
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    Best $150 mods

    Ab Any updates on this?
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    Cluster Not Working

    Lol can’t say I blame you
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    Cluster Not Working

    Had this issue myself but with the stock cluster. I had to pull the fuses out and slide them back in and it worked. Turned out to be corrosion on the fuses. I replaced the fuses and hadn’t had a problem since. If it happens again like mine did about 10 Times may try replacing the fuses even...
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    Ebay front end repair kit

    I hadn’t done anything. Been working 7 12s and haven’t had time to do anything. Hopefully get laid off tomorrow. I’ve yet to purchase any parts either
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    Let's see Your Before and After pics

    Can we get some more pics of that carbon fiber kit? Definitely want to add that when I can throw $400 at bling.
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    Let's see Your Before and After pics

    Depos are coming. Leveled with Bilstein 5100 and z71 midnight edition wheels and tires. I’m wanting to convert to gray interior too
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    Best $150 mods

    What’s the expected results besides more hp?
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    Best $150 mods

    You can’t just post that and not explain it or link to someone who did it. That’s against forum etiquette!
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    Photoshop request...

    A dang good try at that.
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    Manual trans swap unpopular?

    Can’t say I blame him. Lol I’d probably do this swap before a 20k+ duramax swap. I see it like this. I own my suburban outright. To get a zero mile on the drivetrain/engine suburban it’ll cost 50k or more. Option 1 - take a loan and pay 600 a...
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    Manual trans swap unpopular?

    I wouldn’t think so on the frame but I would definitely upgrade to stiffer torsion bars and I would use a duramax from a Van that is mated to a 6l90e. I would also leave it mostly stock. My dream vehicle would be a 2500 NBS Suburban with a van duramax swap.
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    Manual trans swap unpopular?

    I’m actually considering 4.10s because my front diff bearings are starting to make noise and the rear can’t be far behind. As for 8L90e it wouldn’t be to hard to do with money. The question would be is it worth it? I don’t think so. Companies like speartech and few others have boxes now that can...
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    Manual trans swap unpopular?

    If a NV4500 is an easy swap then a NV5600 would probably go easily as well. Personally I have thought about a stick conversion but I always assumed it would shift like a school bus which I don’t want. I also absolutely HATE the 4L60e. It shifts good but the ratios are terrible IMO. When I get...
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    Lifter ticking.

    It’s gone now but I had zero issues like that. Maybe it helped to hold all the shit in suspension and get it to the filter? Who knows but all has been well now for a while
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    Lifter ticking.

    I’d say that’s your sound. Easy fix.
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    Lifter ticking.

    Mine is also missing but doesn’t make a sound. Hopefully that’s your problem. Easy fix
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    Interesting Suburban

    Good observation. That is strange
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    Interesting Suburban

    Im just curious about getting the interior pieces..I love that carbon! Cool vehicle for sure! Black instead of gray molding would be awesome on my z71 too
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    Picked up a 06 Suburban LTZ

    I want that carbon trim package. Anyone have a part number?
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    US Powertrain - anyone use them before

    Got a little vibration in the front end at highway speed. Got down there and grabbed the drivers CV shaft and the bearing in the front diff is bad. Rather than tear it out and play the save a buck game I priced a reman unit with a few companies. US Powertrain is $995 comeplete.

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