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  1. J

    2021 Tahoe LT Duramax mpg/mpd increase after maintenance and software upgrade

    Hand calculate. That dash number changes at any given throttle imput.
  2. J

    Magneride Review

    Update. Just got off the phone with AC Delco. Larry there informed me that is not a recognized retailer of AC Delco parts, despite what it says on their website. He said that they are a 3rd party distributor and the warranty process has to begin with them. I reached out to...
  3. J

    Magneride Review

    I will try it and report back. Just checked the invoice from when they were installed and its been just over 7k miles. Sad.
  4. J

    Magneride Review

    Bought a set of (2) OEM Magnerides May 2022 for my '15 LTZ. Had them installed June '22. Been hearing the DS front shock creak and sqeak again for the past 3-4 months now. Lifted the boot tonight and the top of the shock is covered in grease (again). I haven't even put 8,000 miles on these...

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