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  1. NastyNate98

    2001 Silverado security issues

    My truck is a 2001 2500HD 6.0 and it will start but then die 1 second later. Code P1626 Theft Deterrent Fuel Enable Lost. So the security system is shutting down the truck. I already tried the trick of unplugging the 3 prong pigtail by the key and connecting the left 2 wires together. But after...
  2. NastyNate98

    07 Burb A/C has charge but won't turn on

    Pulled the compressor relay and tested the 4 pins. Was missing a ground. Added a ground and now A/C blows ice cold
  3. NastyNate98

    07 Burb A/C has charge but won't turn on

    I have a 2007 Suburban 2500 6.0 and I can't get the A/C to turn on. I have A/C gauges, a charge bottle, and a power probe to test fuses and relays. I have replaced the low pressure switch and the switch (high side switch?) near the Compressor. I can function the compressor ON with my power probe...
  4. NastyNate98

    Smoking Deal on a 21 Escalade

    Not far from where I live. That place always has outrageous prices
  5. NastyNate98

    New to me 2007 Suburban 2500

    Oh yea I should watch some Duraburb videos. Those trucks are so cool. Wish I had duramax power! But I got a 6.0 cheap so not complaining
  6. NastyNate98

    New to me 2007 Suburban 2500

    4.10 gears Here is a better question since I am looking for a rear frame section. Are the 2000-2006 frames the same as 2007+? I can't imagine they are too different but would not be surprised if GM made some changes in 07
  7. NastyNate98

    New to me 2007 Suburban 2500

    I purchased a 2007 Suburban 2500 with 191k miles to tow my car trailer/project cars around. I bought it with a salvage title from an insurance auction. This is not the first time I have purchased from this auction, and overall I am happy with the truck. The 6.0 runs great, no check engine light...
  8. NastyNate98

    My new 95 Tahoe

    Nice ride! I've never seen a 95 with 62k miles. Great find!
  9. NastyNate98

    When do we worry about brake fluid leaks - now or soon?

    If you ever see brake fluid, fix it immediately. I lost brakes going downhill towards a stop sign where cross traffic didn't stop. Luckily the e-brake worked and slowed me to a stop. But that was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life! Don't gamble with your life and everyone else's...
  10. NastyNate98

    Power Steering pump full of ATF? WTF

    A little ATF won't hurt your pump. I've used it several times over the years and never had a pump fail on me.
  11. NastyNate98

    Transfer case auto to manual shift

    I have an auto shift t-case in my hoe but I really prefer the manual, shift on the floor t-case. I have had issues with the 4wd shift button and I am considering swapping to a manual shift if it is possible. I am sure someone has done this or has some info if it is worthwhile. If the entire...
  12. NastyNate98

    Horrible door open alarm needs to go!

    Just removed my chime today and I am so much happier! I also removed the box for the auto DRLs. Now I can actually control my headlights!
  13. NastyNate98

    Removing rocker panel chrome

    More pics. My running boards were mounted on brackets that are spot welded to my rocker panels. Do these come like this from the factory?
  14. NastyNate98

    Removing rocker panel chrome

    Also removed the running boards. Will post pics. Also for sale. Perfect shape no rust.
  15. NastyNate98

    Removing rocker panel chrome

    I am going to remove the plastic chrome pieces near my rocker panels on my 98 hoe. I'm sure it will take a heat gun and lots of goo gone to get all the adhesive off. Guy I bought it from even has a brand new complete set of rocker chrome for a 2 door. If anyone wants to purchase this box send me...
  16. NastyNate98

    Agreed-Value Insurance (like Grundy's)

    I have Allstate and they offer Hagerty for this kind of insurance. But their minimum value is 10k and you have to have a garage. If your car gets stolen overnight and it wasn't in the garage, then it's not covered. That's what they told me. I don't have a garage yet.
  17. NastyNate98

    1999 Z-71 2-Door Tahoe

    Helluva find! I wish I had my window sticker. More pics please! Keeping it stock?
  18. NastyNate98

    6.2 Tahoe For Sale

    That first link is a dealership about 20 miles from me. They always have a good inventory but I have heard bad things about how they handle customers post-purchase. Anyways, I would love to have a 6.2 hoe! Love those engines.
  19. NastyNate98


    That's what I'm thinking. Should blink fast, not remain lit on the dash. I think you're better off with your new flasher.
  20. NastyNate98

    K2 Z71 Build

    Can you feel the power difference from the 07 to the 17? I haven't driven one with the 355hp 5.3 yet. And is it a burb? Said you needed more room but cant tell from the pic. More pics!
  21. NastyNate98

    95 2 door Tahoe Blender actuator replacement

    Let me know what you find, I believe I will be replacing mine next week
  22. NastyNate98

    Negative shut off switch

    Looks like this will only work within 300 ft... according to their website
  23. NastyNate98

    Mileage Thread (91-99)

    98 two door tahoe. 224k but I just bought it. Drove it 600 miles home on day 1
  24. NastyNate98

    Mystifying misfires on a 99 Tahoe

    I have seen bad/corroded grounds do very strange things to the diesel trucks I work on. Definitely find your engine to chassis, chassis to body, and body to engine grounds, if you have all 3, and clean them up with a wire brush. I've gone down the rabbit hole just like you in the past, only to...
  25. NastyNate98

    --- Photos: SPOTTER'S THREAD (post up all years/models) ---

    Not a vehicle, but a GIANT dump body for a massive dump truck. It was wider than 2 lanes. This was driving from Denver to Omaha on I76 the day I bought my two door hoe.

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