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    2 inch down pipes with a mild performance 350?

    Hi Everyone, Is anyone running 300+ hp through 2 inch down pipes? I have a 97 Yukon with the MPFI upgrade and just recently the 0411 pcm with the Vortec express van tune. what a difference that made! increased mpg by 3 and the engine feels more alive. Anyway... back to the exhaust kit. I...
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    Bigger y-pipe and exhaust

    I agree if it were the stock engine 255 hp engine, but I am going towards a a 325-350 hp zone. Either way, this thread has come up in my searches a lot , and I just wanted to clarify that that kit is 2 inches.
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    Bigger y-pipe and exhaust

    Resurrection! I’d like to point out that I just received the Magnaflow 23453 and it is only two inch. I assumed this was the one referenced here. Is there another that is 2.5?
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    Is This a Yukon GT?

    You have to pay for that vin decoder service. I used a free one and it says its an SL like my registration. I'm confused abiut it because of the black on black, no chrome, and fender flares. I guess those were options that could be ordered?
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    Is This a Yukon GT?

    Just got this 2 door Yukon. My registration says SL, but it sure looks like a GT to me.
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    Hi! Just bought a 97 Yukon!

    Hi Everyone, i just picked up a 97 yukon with 163,000 kms on it. It will be used to tow my fishing boat. Has Z71 and heavy duty tow package. I have to replace the gas tank and fix the a/c so far. Looking forward to learning more about these trucks on this forum! Kyle

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