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  1. Alexander

    Oil pressure on 07 Tahoe?

    Oil pressure on 07 Tahoe If it were me Id bump the idle up a little bit just so pressure isnt at zero until you can figure it out. You know if the oil pressure relief valve was ported? Maybe ported too much?
  2. Alexander

    Poly bushings

    On rock auto they have the steel replacements with poly bushings for 7 for a set. Thats what I did.
  3. Alexander

    Finally got my 04 Yukon

    I have forgotten to remind you.
  4. Alexander

    2000 81k Denali

    thats a really great price. Wish I needed a Denali. This thingll sell quick.
  5. Alexander

    New safe for 2007 to 2013 GM Full Size with Split Bench Seat

    I will pick up the prototype for the 2014 GM full size with split bench seat today. If it is OK, production will begin this weekend and I hope to be shipping by the end of next week
  6. Alexander

    water/soap spots on chrome grille. What works?

    water/soap spots on chrome grille What works I hope, you will find the correct decision. Do not despair.
  7. Alexander

    barn door hinge pin

    my lower door hinge van side is so badly damaged that i need a new hinge. the part where it holds the pin bushing is no longer a circle, its broken and in the shape of a "C". how hard is it to repair/replace these hinges? i see they are welded in.
  8. Alexander

    Need some front struts

    In it something is. Thanks for the information, can, I too can help you something?
  9. Alexander

    2000 81k Denali

    thats a really great price. Wish I needed a Denali. This thingll sell quick.
  10. Alexander

    Belltech Shock Extenders

    Hey, could I get a price on a set of shock extenders for a 99 nbs shipped to Dunnville,ON,Canada, N1A 2C9? Thanks.
  11. Alexander

    photoshop 26" texas reps??

    photoshop 26" texas reps Absolutely with you it agree. It seems to me it is very good idea. Completely with you I will agree.
  12. Alexander

    K5 Fuel Sending Unit Question??

    K5 Fuel Sending Unit Question i just bought a 87 fuel injected sending unit from rock auto its a nice unit was priced good as well but i found a 87 tank on ebay free shipping cheaper than rock auto with shipping so i would check ebay for prices
  13. Alexander

    Dead Battery overnight..

    Dead Battery overnight Ok i have never had anything that has had shaved door handles but i just purchased a Tahoe that has shaved handles. The doors are not yet back on the Tahoe but i was curious about something. If the battery is dead then the door poppers will not work?????? How the crap do...
  14. Alexander

    Remote Start Kit You Will Be Totally Satisfied With

    The theme is interesting, I will take part in discussion. Together we can come to a right answer. I am assured.
  15. Alexander

    99 Yukon Denali

    sweet write up and truck looks good i actually saw a yukon the other day that had a denali grill but still had the yukon bumper..looked ugly.
  16. Alexander

    47-87 Chevy Parts from Western Chassis

    47 87 Chevy Parts from Western Chassis Almost the same.
  17. Alexander

    2001 Tahoe Build Thread

    Wow, sick build thread man Love your truck. How many miles are on it now John?
  18. Alexander

    Like New Snap On MG325 with Boot Cover (1 month old)

    Like New Snap On MG325 with Boot Cover 1 month old In it something is. Now all is clear, I thank for the information.
  19. Alexander

    AC Heated seats

    Yup, super happy with the heated seats I got installed. Cant figure out how to post pics of the install.
  20. Alexander

    2014 Texas Meet??

    2014 Texas Meet Calling all North Texas people. Come on out so we can meet you and get this meet to grow. We want all classic japanese car lovers to know there are others here that share there passion.
  21. Alexander

    Vermont Summer Back Roads Tour

    You are absolutely right. In it something is also to me it seems it is very good thought. Completely with you I will agree.
  22. Alexander

    TahoeWhat's 05 Tahoe

    TahoeWhats 05 Tahoe looks good man......look into the nbs master cylinder for this. plan on doing this mod on my Tahoe

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