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    no oil pressure

    UPDATE!! Pulled it all apart and found the oil pump (Gen V engine) broke, not quite exploded but the main pump “gear” was in 5 parts along with the veins being destroyed. Absolutely no metal in the pan, all cylinders and can look great (looking from below)! Not sure what would cause this other...
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    I think the dealership destroyed my engine

    Just had my Yukon lose all oil pressure after an oil change! Good luck finding a new 6.2l engine, they’re on National back order from GM with no eta! I would have them buy it back and get a new replacement Yukon!
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    no oil pressure

    Unfortunately the 6.2l is one of the most sought after engines, is on National back order with no eta from GM, can’t find any remans so the few used ones (anywhere in the US, range around $8k. I’d love to know the actual flat rate, but tend to believe it’s a 24 hr job, the oil pump alone is 13...
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    no oil pressure

    Yes, I actually have many years of wrenching on cars, engines and the like. Worked in a shop when I was younger and unaware of what path to take… years ago. Anyhow, no offense taken, yes I overfilled, but purposefully. Many posts abt the pick up tube o ring being an issue with oil pressure, I...
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    no oil pressure

    hey guys. i have a 2017 gmc yukon xl with a 6.2 L with 80k on it. the wife drives it so miles are usually pretty gentle. had the oil changed recently and drove for 19 miles (40 psi on oil gauge) and no oil pressure warning lights all go off. i shut the engine down, checked the oil level (barely...

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