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    help with gears

    I would reccomend 4.88's. Thats what i decided to go with on mine, debated on the 4.56's, but I tow alot. With 37's and 4.88's I think you'll be close back to stock.
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    help! cluster going crazy!

    well. I youtubed as suggested. Took the cluster apart, soldered the conector pins, and BAM back to working, Thanks!!!!
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    help! cluster going crazy!

    Not to high jack, But my 04 Just went completely dead. No guages at all, no check engine light, No odometer, No ABS light. All at once. I've checked all the fuses, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    gear ratios

    Have any of yall found an install kit (bearings,seals and what not) or have the part numbers to make this easy? I'm going to have to do mine in phases, rear first then front. I hate to do this and be without 4wd, but gotta do what the pocket will allow. I'll start phase one right after the first...
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    gear ratios

    I've been tore between the 4.88 and the 4.56; quite honestly for towing, I'm thinking just as well go with the 4.88's.
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    gear ratios

    Another here interested! I have an 03 z71 and want to do the 4.56 gears. I've looked a pretty good bit on the internet, not much info out there for some reason. I'll be doing the switch after the new year before pulling the boat again. Mine is a slob with the 35's and the boat behind it.
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    5.3 to 6.0 engine swap 03 Z71

    Thanks for keeping us updated! I really hope this swap, is also in my near future.
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    Vote for TOTM for May 2013

    Voted!! Great looking hoes, all of them.
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    gears question and whats needed

    Thanks man, I was starting to think we may have been the only 2 doing gear swaps. I plan on doing bearing swap too.
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    What Chip/Programmer to buy?

    What about BlackBear? From what I've read this is the way to go.
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    If the tahoe is rockin....

    You can't feel it in the steering wheel any? It sounds like Death wobble, but in the rear. I'd also suggest an alignment just in case. Good luck, keep us updated.
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    gears question and whats needed

    How bout the USA Standard gears, any reviews?
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    gears question and whats needed

    Well guys I hate to bump an old thread, but rather than starting a new one. I'm ready to pull the trigger on Stage 1. (installing gears in my rear end) I'm running 35*12.5*18's, And plan on going with 4.56's . I have pretty much the same questions above. Before Y'all flame me i did a search. Any...
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    Headers 5.3>6.0

    ^^^^^^Lmao, so harsh.
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    RockAuto Discount Code - Expires 05/10/2013

    Thanks for replying. I'll call and get y'all to help make sure I'm ordering everything I'm gonna need. It'll be toward the end of the week. Again; thanks.
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    RockAuto Discount Code - Expires 05/10/2013

    Looking to buy new front end parts for my 2003 Tahoe Z71. I was wondering if there is a kit of sorts with Moog Tierod ends, new adjuster sleeves, swaybar bushings,and I'm guessing pitman arm also. I will also be wanting to order a set of 4.56 ring and pinion gears, and bearing set, and possibly...
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    Vote for TOTM for April 2013

    Voted!! And since the other threads are closed, I just wanted to Thank everyone who voted me for March.
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    Nominations for April 2013

    Would like to second josueh95 if that's allowed for newbies. I like the ice cycles just hitch hiking along.
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    Front end work

    When I replaced the pitman arm on my Dodge 2500 I had to take a ziz wheel and cut it the best I could, just one slice on one side. When I did this it pulled off with ease. I tried heating it, and soaking it in Kroil over night. Nothing worked so I just did the best I could.
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    Vote for TOTM for March 2013

    Thanks for the votes y'all!!!
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    2003 Z71 18" Magnaflow muffler

    This is the same set up mine has. It does have a great sound. Perfect mix. Not too loud, not too quiet.
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    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Towed the boat today for the first time with the Hoe. Suspension was perfect, now I can't wait to get my gears and BB tune. I was gonna wait on the gears until I could do both sets. Now I think I'll go ahead and do the rear, and the BB tune.
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    My 1972 K5 Build thread - 56k = NO

    Hopefully I'll do a build thread on one of these one day. They have always been my favorite vehicle. My dad had a hunter green one when I was a little boy. I remember thinking we were so cool cruising to the beach with the top off. I have found one locally, but it is in rough shape. I always...
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    My 1970 K5

    Man I am jealous, these are what I was looking for when I settled for the Hoe. Slam dam just awesome trucks.

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