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  1. TXZ71

    22" spare tire inquiry

    I am not sure what happened, but when I bought the truck from the dealer it had three 6-spoke wheels and one 7-spoke (look closely a my avatar). As you can see, the step bar on that side is also bent. I have no idea what the previous owner did. Because I added the Brembos, the 17 spare tire does...
  2. TXZ71

    Brembo Brake Upgrade. WARNING

    As you can see from my Avatar, the previous owner of my Z-71 Tahoe put a seven-spoke wheel on the front passenger tire (I am not sure why, but if you look at the step bar on that side it is bent too). I got a six-spoke wheel and had them mount a 22 inch spare the same diameter as the stock 17...
  3. TXZ71

    PN or where to buy Midnight Edition running boards for my Z71 Tahoe?

    Apparently, the previous owner ran over something with the Tahoe and the braces holding the tubular bars on are bent at a 45 degree angle. You can even see it in my avatar. Therefore, I need to buy a new bar. The part numbers above are for the bar, but I think the step pad is a different piece...
  4. TXZ71

    2015 to 2020 Tahoe Fender Flares

    Good catch...I did not notice that before. The antenna looks flatter too. I wonder if anyone in the forum has one of these. The previous owner of our 2018 Tahoe put larger tires on, so I want o install the flares. Hopefully, I can get the part numbers I need to order them. Tom
  5. TXZ71

    2015 to 2020 Tahoe Fender Flares

    2015-2020 European Tahoes and Escalades came with OEM fender flares from the factory. I would like to put a set on my truck. Does anyone have all the part numbers needed for these?
  6. TXZ71

    2015-2017 Fender Flares?

    These flares come standard on Tahoes sold in Europe.
  7. TXZ71

    2015-2017 Fender Flares?

    Does anyone have these flares?
  8. TXZ71

    2015-2017 Fender Flares?

    Who makes these flares? I cannot find them anywhere.
  9. TXZ71

    Adding wireless charger to 2018 Tahoe LT

    I bought a 2018 Tahoe LT and am in the same boat. Can you please assist? Thank you, Tom
  10. TXZ71

    Front license plate mount

    Just bought a Tahoe Z71 myself...front plate missing but required. How much is the shipping?

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